A freelance journalist and teacher, Kalpana is a feminist, an animal rights activist, passionate about the environment and fitness through yoga. She believes in a holistic and sustainable lifestyle and she also happens to be divorced.

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MA Sneha no caste no religion certificate
MA Sneha Gets No-Caste, No-Religion Certificate. More People Should In A ‘Secular’ Country

MA Sneha comes from an atheist family, and does not believe in having a caste or religion. She recently got a no-caste, no-religion certificate, something that we should have more of.

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Women, Here’s To Dealing With The Yo-Yo Of Feelings That Dieting Can Evoke

Loving yourself and not succumbing to peer pressure when dieting is the way to go. A personal account of the struggle with this.

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Untying The Fine Knots [#BookReview]

Untying the Fine Knots by Madhuri Y is an excellent handbook for someone who is going through a divorce, and guides them through its many difficult phases.

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Sit Alone On A Park Bench Today. It’s Liberating

One way to stand up against harassment is to refuse to heed the advice that the streets are dangerous for women. Go out. Reclaim the streets.

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Give Love Another Chance: Online Dating After Divorce

A divorce is not the end of your love-life in this day and age. Online dating after divorce can be tricky, but these tips can help you find love again, says this post.

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Why children stay silent about sexual abuse
Why Children Remain Silent About Sexual Abuse

Why do children stay silent about sexual abuse? A post for the UNICEF Red Siren campaign to #EndViolence against girls

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Dating after a divorce
Indian Women And Dating After Divorce

A divorce need not mean the end of romantic relationships in your life. How can Indian women go about dating after a divorce?

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The post pregnancy body
Why You Should Love Your Beautiful Post-Pregancy Body

The post pregnancy body of a woman may not fit the ideal of beauty - thin and flawless, but it needs to be celebrated too.

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Natural Beauty? Or Unblemished Photoshopped Lies?

How photoshop impacts women: The blemish free images of women's beauty we see all around us do impact our sense of our selves.

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stereotypes of beauty
The Ministry Of Thin

The Indian fashion industry too is pursuing the same stereotypes of beauty in the form of painfully thin bodies.

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“No” Means No, Even If I Am Divorced

Being a divorced woman in India often means sexual harassment - as men assume that a divorced woman is always 'available'.

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The Balatkaari Phenomenon

Why I started the petition to the Bristol Hotel against Honey Singh and his promotion of rape culture

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Divorced? You Still Have To Communicate With Your ‘Ex’

Divorce is not the end of a relationship - especially if you have children. Communication after divorce is essential.

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Divorced And Ready To Try Again?

When a divorced woman in India indicates that she is ready for a second marriage, why is there so much judgement on her choices?

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Divorce And Child Support Payments

What happens to child support when you get divorced in India? Does the richer parent , usually the father, pay willingly?

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Getting A Divorce – 5 Must Do’s

While divorce is traumatic, use your divorce to know yourself better so that you can be a stronger person with better emotional health and happiness.

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Mutual Consent Divorce

If you need a divorce, why is it better to get a divorce by mutual consent and how does one go about it?

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Locked out or locked in?

Opting for divorce or choosing to continue in a relationship, the choice is yours.

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5 Ways Life Changes After Divorce For Women In India

Life after divorce for women in India is not easy; here are 5 ways in which the lives of divorced women in India change.

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