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Raat Akeli Hai Makes Me Wonder Why We Love The Idea Of A Woman Taking Revenge

Netflix's Raat Akeli Hai is a story of a woman's revenge - a trope that is currently very common. Why do people love the idea of a woman taking revenge?

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Marriages May Be Made In Heaven, But These 6 Women’s Rishta Stories Are Straight From Hell!

Meeting a potential groom and his family for a rishta isn't always an easy experience. But it's downright horrific for some, as these 6 stories prove!

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Moothon Is A Beautiful Gut-Wrenching Movie That Leaves You With More Questions Than Answers

‘Moothon,’ has managed to be one of the best films of the decade for me. It's a never-before told story, with an impressive cast and brilliant crew.

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Ananya Paul Dodmani Shares Her Menstrual Health Work With Women In North-East India

Tribal right activist, a sustainable menstrual warrior and an educator, Ananya Dodmani tells us her hopes of future of tribal communities in the North-East.

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We Love Sameera Reddy’s Message To Body-Shamers In Which She Owns Her ‘Imperfectly Perfect’ Self!

Sameera Reddy shared an inspiring message against body-shaming and blocking the hate. Why is it still so tough for us to accept women as they are?

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Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Casts A Fairytale Glow Over The Regressive Ideas Of Arranged Marriages

Netflix's Indian Matchmaking is an eight episode-long glitzy exhibition of elite Indian communities and their supposedly modern take on arranged marriages.

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due process of law
New Low As Gang Rape Survivor Arrested In Bihar For Insisting On Her Rights In Court

Due process of law was denied to a gang rape survivor in Bihar when she insisted her 2 social workers be with her in court, and all 3 were arrested.

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Lockdown Halted Leisure Activities Outside, But Thanks To The Internet, We Can Enjoy Ourselves Online

Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdown has made travelling, picnics, strolling around in shopping malls and other outdoor activities things of the past, at least momentarily.

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Karnataka HC’s Remarks Beg The Question How Should Women ‘Ideally’ Behave To Prove Rape?

Karnataka HC judge's observation makes you wonder if there are set codes on how women should behave when subjected to any kind of sexual assault.

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Bareilly Teen’s Suicide Raises Questions About Bullying And Queerphobia In Schools

A teen in Bareilly killed himself after being bullied by his classmates for his 'effeminate behaviour.' How normal is queerphobia and bullying in schools?

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10 Indian LGBTQIA+ Writers You Must Read
10 Indian LGBTQIA+ Writers You Must Read

This Pride Month, I decided to explore the world of Indian LGBTQIA+ writers, and here is a list of 10 such writers you must read!

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