Cheena Chopra

Cheena Chopra is a digital publishing professional since a decade and loves working with, on and around digital content. She loves to write for a variety of media and read good content. Her favorite genres, though, are biography (rags-to-riches, motivational) and business (more for startups and their stories). Weight training at the gym, solving sudoku and reading the last page of Hindi magazines for the jokes are some of the constants in her frequently refreshing list of interests.

Voice of Cheena Chopra

The Burden Of Familiarity

Let’s shed this burden of familiarity and stand straight for once.Let us play a fair game with destiny and let it introduce new characters, who serve real purpose today, in this moment.

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That Woman Who Set the Ball Rolling

When I look back today to where it all started, the desire to be economically empowered all came from my mother, the first in her family to get to work and make a mark!

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A House With A Courtyard

She is just not there these days; the beloved granny, the courtyard has gone missing from the house. She has been replaced by a part-time nanny, the balcony.

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When The Evenings Are Lost On Our Road to Success!

As we work towards success, we are gradually forgetting to enjoy the little things in life. Evenings which were spent rejuvenating with our loved ones are now spent in offices.

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I Resigned From A Job After Just 1 Day; But Here’s What I Learnt

Have you ever resigned from a job after a very short time? What made you do it? Why do some jobs not work for some people? Here's excellent personal insight.

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Why I Think That Demonetisation Is Good News For The Indian Publishing Industry

Demonetization has certainly affected retail businesses, but in a strange twist, I think it has been a saviour for Indian publishers.

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Urban Lifestyles Can Be Lonely Despite Having It All. So Where Do We Go Wrong?

Urban lifestyles can have the swankiest of apartments with the loneliest of people in their own pigeon-holes, with no will to reach out to others.

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