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When The Evenings Are Lost On Our Road to Success!

Posted: June 10, 2018

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As we work towards success, we are gradually forgetting to enjoy the little things in life. Evenings which were spent rejuvenating with our loved ones are now spent in offices.

Talk about the era of empowerment and we can picture women standing shoulder-to-shoulder with men in every sphere possible amidst the increasing competition in the corporate environment. The will to succeed, earn more and lead a comfortable life in the future has left little in hand for the time called ‘now’ and the phase called ‘youth’.

Back in the 90’s, for a 90’s kid, there was a clear definition and purpose attached to each portion of the day, be it morning, afternoon or, my favorite, evening. One was supposed to get up, perform daily rituals, including praying, report to work in the morning, work till evening and head to home later in the evening. The latter leg of the evening was a time for pure pleasure, to be spent doing things which brought delight of the ‘company’ back home. It was also marked by having five-o-clock tea along with light supper and talking all sort of things, which happened throughout the day.

Evenings have been such an understated part of the day, that the role it plays in toning a day down to the ground level has always been overlooked. Thanks to the shift timings most of us have to work in today, in order to stay aligned with our Western counterparts, reaching home by evening seems like an unrealistic dream, which leaves us with dreamless slumber in the night. ‘Night’, which is meant to take the ground level of the energies to the top-most notch in order to carry the progression of the next day, is now overburdened to encompass the supper time, the talking time and the leisure time. Therefore, this ‘poor chap’ does nothing and even eats up the sleep time, which is often spent in idling the day away in retrospect or just playing with technology.

If you’d ask an ambitious male or a female, if they would be willing to work till late in order to get more in terms of professional fulfillment, I bet you’d seldom hear a ‘no’. Thus begins the clichéd saga of the modern day professionals and their idea of ‘success.’ So, today, we don’t talk unless necessary, eat unless required and, of course, sleep until we are compelled to by our bodies. In all this daily grind and hunger for more, we have lost an asset, a blessing, the evenings.

Welcome to the new age of ambiguity. Here, we do-  whatever, whenever, whatsoever.


Image Source: Pexels.com

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