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The Burden Of Familiarity

Posted: April 26, 2020

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Let’s shed this burden of familiarity and stand straight for once.Let us play a fair game with destiny and let it introduce new characters, who serve real purpose today, in this moment.

Back in time, when there was no easy way of communication and no convenient channel of socializing, we truly, whole-mindedly lived in the present, strictly minding our own businesses while sticking with the people destiny put in the picture for us in that moment.

New Problems

Several people might have crossed our paths in the past, but seldom had we bothered to stay in touch with them, for they literally had no role to play in our current moment. Their parts in our life story were over then and reconnecting was out-of-question, unless our paths crossed again and there were real conversations happening. The situations could have been easy had we carried over the same practice to date. Unfortunately, with abundance of free social media channels and even more desire to stay on top of the stuff happening with people we ever connected with, there has crept up a feeling of constant sadness and envy, and a perennial mental battle between haves and have nots.

Mental Burden

The way we discard a lifeless product once done with using it to never get back to it again should ideally be adopted with the relations which hold no value in the present. Because you know a boy who was just another out of the 50 you shared your classroom with is no good a reason why he should know about the stuff happening in your life right now. Because you met him occasionally or shared a bench with him back in school does not warrant him the right to stay on top of your daily stuff. Apart from sitting on the fence, watching the drama in your life, he has really got no business to do with you. What’s more, this guy might just be one of the 4,000 odd friends you might have on any given social media channel! If we do not clutter our lives with the things we do not use, why do we clutter our mind, our second damned place to stay, with the remnants of acquaintanceship we have been carrying along? Isn’t this burden of familiarity slouching our shoulders, making us bend carrying all that futile load of pseudo expectations?

Unnecessary Relations

Nature has devised a simple script for our lives; people serve their part in time and go, making way for fresh faces. We, however, have been challenging the law, holding on to the old relations and carrying them along with the ones who just came. Them riding on our shoulders, and also on our nerves, has made us answerable, even when they bear little or no concern, whatsoever. Apparently, they would calculate when you should get married, when you should have kids, what are the rights and wrongs, and how big a failure you are if you do not comply with the social conventions. We have thousands of eyes judging us, right from the time we wake up to the time we put ourselves to sleep and we bloody well feel the pressure to perform, only to not feel left-out!

Well, this moment on, let’s keep things simple. Let’s shed this burden of familiarity and stand straight for once. Discard all the relations who play no role in real life and let the memory happily do its job of fading away the faces or names who serve no purpose in the present. Let us play a fair game with destiny and let it introduce new characters, who serve real purpose today, in this moment. Let us stand straight and revel now, here; blink, smile, time to roll!

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