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I am a law graduate, but right now enjoying being home maker and a doting mom to my five year old son. I like to write, expressions through words as words in itself are soul to our thinking. Reaching out, sharing my thoughts and always trying to learn.

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safety apps on phone
Just Having Safety Apps On Your Phone Isn’t Enough, Ladies!

Mobile phones can be used as important tools for women's safety and empowerment, making the mobile revolution a huge thing in women's lives.

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This 71 y.o Superhero Subhashini Mistry Sold Veggies To Build A Hospital

In a world, faced with crises, violence and struggles we often wonder why superheroes don’t exist. After reading an article about Padma Shri Subhashini Mistry, I am now sure that superheroes do exist.

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From Padmavati To Parthavi… Just Different Eras But The Same Issues?

The 3 movies I watched that day depicted different versions of womanhood, but there was one thing common to them - the way patriarchy looked at all three with the same lens of objectification.

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A Mobile Revolution Is Beckoning. Are We Willing To Trash Gender Discrimination And Join In?

Mobile connectivity and access to smartphones can revolutionise women's lives in India. Are we willing to break through our patriarchal ideas and move with the times?

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Kolkata Witnesses More Inclusive ‘Sex Workers’ And ‘Transgenders’ Themed Durga Puja Pandals

Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata are a celebration of good's victory over evil in its truest sense. This Navratri, an attempt to defeat the evil of social discrimination. 

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Know These 7 Legal Points Pertaining To Sexual Harassment And Abuse Against Women

With #MeToo going strong, instead of questioning the silence of the sexual harassment victims, it's time to be aware of the laws and take the right legal action against the culprits. 

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Our Gender Equal RakshaBandhan That Turned Tradition On Its Head

At a family gathering of cousins for rakshabandhan, a brother tied the rakhi on the wrist of a younger sister who is in the army - demonstrating a new normal of empowerment.

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Lalita To Lalit: Story Of Constable Lalit Kumar Salve Who Grew Up As A Girl

The story of Lalit Kumar Salve, who recently underwent sex realignment surgery and rejoined duty as a constable, is an uplifting one. But, a lot still has to be done when it comes to transgender rights in India.

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Capital Punishment: Is It Deterrent Enough Against The Rape Of Children?

The rising number of sexual assaults against children has brought up a clamour for more capital punishment. But - is it the panacea we need for a rape-free society?

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Watching Mirzya Led Me To Think Of How Realistic Heroes Are A Rare Event In Our Movies

Rakesh Omprakash Mehra's Mirzya tries to make contemporary the tragic love story of Mirza-Sahibaan but ends up glorifying illogical violence instead.

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Manushi Chhillar
Manushi Chhillar’s Words Open A Much Needed Debate About The Real Value Of A Homemaker’s Toil

Manushi Chhillar's winning answer got her the Miss World crown, but it has also opened up a much needed debate on the monetary value of a homemaker's unpaid work.

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ageing gracefully
The Ageless Grace Of Those Who Grow Old With Positivity

You are the age that you feel. Ageing is a biological life process, but ageing gracefully is an art which only few can manage to master.

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daily soaps
Where Are The Real Women Among Characters On The Small Screen?

There are almost no real women in daily soaps, most of them being dolled up caricatures of the traditional 'good bahu' or evil characters if modern.

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Even As We Still See Crime And Injustice Towards Women, There Are Distinct Signs Of Change

We are still a patriarchal society, but there are distinct signs of change that can be seen in small actions of the people around us.

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To Be Or Not To Be Judgemental? Think Again If You Are Bothered By This Question

People around us sometimes come as surprises. This is because we all have a tendency to be judgemental about others on the basis of their outward appearances and acts.

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What Makes You Beautiful? Going Beyond The Traditional Notions Of Beauty

There is a necessity to go beyond the traditional notions of beauty such as looks, weight and the like, and truly appreciate the bodies we have.

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