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A Gynecologist by profession n blogger by passion, I love words! I love weaving life experiences into verse and prose. I'm particularly interested in relationships and how they work. A strong supporter of woman empowerment, I like dwelling on gender related causes. Love this portal as a platform to voice my own views and read other voices...

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what are contraceptive methods
What Are Contraceptive Methods Available In India? Here’s All The Information You Need

What are contraceptive methods available in India? This is a question all of us need to ask. Here is some handy information about what you can choose from, and make an informed decision for preventing a pregnancy.

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ill fitting PPEs
Women COVID Warriors Given PPEs Designed For 6 Ft Tall Men; And No Thought For Periods

Many doctors, nurses, etc. fighting COVID are women, and have to wear ill fitting PPEs not designed to be women friendly, especially during periods.

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lubes in India
Want A Spicier Sex Life? Here’s A Handy Guide To Lubes In India!

Does your sex life lack a little spice? Or maybe you just aren't feeling it? Fret not, for we have an oh-so-handy guide to lubes in India! Read on for a great sexual experience!

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medication for period pain
There’s No Such Thing As ‘Normal’ Period Pain; Stop Shaming Women For Taking Medication

Painful periods are very common, and yet it is extraordinary how women are blatantly told to "bear the pain" and often even shamed for taking medication for period pain!

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Anjali Ameer
Rising Actor Anjali Ameer: I Was In My 10th When I Realized I Was A Woman Inside My Male body

A talk with Anjali Ameer, India's first transgender model who has acted opposite Mammootty, Malayalam film industry's superstar. How did she reach where she is now?

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The Perfect Alliance? The ‘Ordinary’ One That Acknowledges My Heart!

Subconsciously or otherwise, Keerthi realized that this was what would be her friend for life. Her quick grasp and agile brain that assimilated stuff and applied it to the amazement of her teachers.

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Aruna Menon
I Did My MBBS & MD Through Marriage, Pregnancy, Kids… And They’re Proud Of Me!

A go getter who took marriage, pregnancy, and childcare in her stride as she did two professional degrees, and a fulfilling career as a gynaecologist, while also being a single mom most of the time as an army wife, this mom is inspiring!

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Why You Should Watch Delhi Crime, A Gritty Series Based On The 2012 Gang-Rape

Delhi Crime, a series on Netflix, is currently making waves, and digs deep into the workings of the police force in the nation's capital, considered an extremely unsafe city by many.

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When Leaps Of Faith Become Leaps Of Strength

They were horses, but to Akankhsha, they were her friends. One particular big black horse was called Black Music and the two appeared to actually hear some music unheard by others. “Hi, Amma!” said 8-year-old Akankhsha as she bounced into her mother’s bedroom. “Hi, Molu” said Arunima, a tad absently as she worked on her […]

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Sometimes, All One Needs Is A Gentle Push

Arpita was lost in the sheer beauty of floating over the ground. She felt like a beautiful bird. She savoured the feeling. She felt free.

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STDs in women
Busting 11 Myths About Sexually Transmitted Diseases a.k.a STDs In Women

Talking about sexually transmitted diseases is a taboo, and this just propagates myths about STDs in women. Let's examine and bust these myths.

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The Greatest Gift That Can Be Given

Okay let’s take this one step at a time, said Rachna. First, we’ll make sure you are pregnant, then address the rest of the issues.

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96 Female Doctors Tell Us How Being A Woman Impacted Their Medical Career

Female doctors are no rarity in urban India. Yet, even today, what does it mean to be a woman and a doctor - how does gender impact women in Medicine?

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the world could wait
The World Could Wait. The World WOULD Wait. For Once

She drifted off to sleep, blessing Akanksha for her intuitive and instinctive thinking. Her baby had grown up indeed. Into a sensitive and sensible lady.

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The Exit Wound I Lived (No, Existed!) Through After You Dumped Me

Some exit wounds are hard to get over, and healing is a long process. This honest confession is a story about one such love that ended unceremoniously. 

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life less ordinary
A Life Less Ordinary [#Shortlisted]

Vinita had immediately piped up and said, “I would like to serve the nation, but I want to become a doctor. So maybe I’ll become a Army doctor.” Innocent words from an innocent girl of 10 which turned out to be prophetic.

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lost years
The Lost Years [#ShortStory]

Shouldn’t she be annoyed that he had nurtured such feelings and not told her? Wasn’t it against the grain of their being best friends? She was a middle aged happily married woman.

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Mother, Army Wife, Gynaecologist, Daughter, Friend – Not Easy But I Chose To Do It All

Juggling the dual burden of home and work is never easy for women, but a supportive network can make it a lot more feasible.

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rainbow in another's cloud
A Rainbow In Another’s Cloud [#Shortlisted]

Gradually there was a change in Uma, imperceptible at first, she began focusing on the positives rather than the negatives in her life.

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did you tell her
Did You Tell Her?

#Poetry. The pain of a broken relationship can drive you into another's arms. But what happens if you go back? What about their feelings?

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letter from a mother to a daughter
Dear Daughter, Nothing That Does Not Feel Right Will Ever Be Right!

A heartfelt letter from a mother to a daughter about to step into matrimony, telling her that no matter what, she should not give in to anything just because she is a woman...

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a beginning
A Beginning [#Poetry]

The neckline always too deep, the skirt was always too short, the timeline was rigid, school, college, career mattered not...

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The Peak Tourist Season For Awe Inspiring Ladakh Is May-September. Here’s My Experience Of It

All you would like to know about taking that trip to Ladakh, through the lens of this author's personal trip to this wonderful place!

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