Arpitha Sreeramprasad

An avid reader, Former academician now a SAHM to a toddler son. Longing to see the REAL Gender-equality treatment to Daughters and to Her Parents too!

Voice of Arpitha Sreeramprasad

Even In 2020, Why Is There Still Stark Gender Inequality At Our Weddings?

The inherent inequality that Indian weddings have between the bride's side and the groom's side should become history now, as we step into the 3rd decade of the new millennium. Enough.

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The Story Of A Golden Heart

She was running a chain of maternity care hospitals across different cities in the country with a wonderful concept "care first formalities next".

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Why Is Every Daughter-in-law LIKE A Daughter But Rarely Treated As One?

The in-laws were happy with her accomplishment. They congratulated her and also praised her for her lovely gesture her of gifting her mom-in-law. 

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