Archana is a physiotherapist, fitness enthusiast, amateur field botanist and nurtures a few bonsai. Happiest on a road less traveled.

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Decoding Period Worries: Talking Periods With Your Daughter 101

Talking to your daughter about periods in a free and frank manner is important. Here are some of the many things she needs to know.

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When ‘Modern’ People Believe Matched Horoscopes Mean Happy Marriages

Can matching horoscopes guarantee us all perfect, happy marriages? Why do 'modern' people continue to put their trust in horoscopes?

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Will We Depend On Our Children In Our Sunset Years?

When children live far away from their elderly parents, a range of worries arise. Here is an introspective look on some important questions in the sunset years of parents.

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What Double Standards Have You Caught Yourself Setting?

Almost all of us have some cases where we end up setting one standard for ourselves and another for others. What is your double standard?

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Letting a girl fly comes hard to Indian parents - but it needs to be done.

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Birth of a girlchild
Barfi Or Pedha

The birth of a girlchild is still rarely cause for happiness in our society. We continue to discriminate against girls in subtle ways.

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What Do We Teach Our Daughters?

Playing damsel in distress is passe. Women who drive must know the basics of car maintenance and handling minor car problems.

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Child Inside You
Keep Alive The Child Inside You…

As we grow up, we get into the "serious" part of life and forget to be spontaneous and have fun. Keep alive the child inside you.

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Let’s Not Forget Our Brain

Technological advancements has made us all slaves to our gadgets and decreased the need and ability for our brains to work.

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End of the Mother Tongue?

Increasingly, as we speak, write and think in English, are our languages at risk of dying or becoming watered down versions?

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Never Too Late For A Hobby

Irrespective of age, marital status, occupation - every woman can do with a hobby or interest to enrich her life - just for herself

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Surrender And Win

Do you derive pride from being indispensable to your household or should women learn to let go?

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Time To Think Anew?

While Indian marriages are often based on horoscope testing and compatibility, should we focus on health tests instead?

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Parenting In The Rat Race

Despite Indian parents' focus on achievement, are we really preparing our children for future challenges?

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