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Feminism Is Not About Disempowering Men

Man and woman are complete together. They bring different things on the table, of equal worth and use. They have to come together to understand the purpose of their lives.

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My Country Is Turning Into A Rape Country. I Don’t Want Little Ania To Visit Here!

It's not just the number of rapes being reported. It's also the growing communalisation around it that bothers this author.

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I, me, and myself
Let’s Have More Of I, Me, Myself, Ladies, As Our Choice Is Just As Important!

Women are expected to sublimate their opinions and needs in a patriarchal society like ours, but we need to speak up more for ourselves, indulge more in I, Me, Myself!

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Are Women Loved For All The Wrong Reasons?

Women are taught to serve everyone else, except themselves. If you have wondered why most women feel that the world is biased against them, here is a list of answers.

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Dear Home-maker, Here’s Why You Are Valuable!

Home-makers are often taken for granted, by society as well as their own selves. Here is why you must take care of yourself, dear home-maker!

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