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\"TOPICAL\" Breaking Taboos and Addressing Societal Issues: Lust Stories 2 Review
Breaking Taboos and Addressing Societal Issues: Lust Stories 2 Review

While Season 1 of Lust Stories was an attempt at celebrating female sexuality, Season 2 felt like a lacklustre sequel that lacked the female touch. The anthology film Lust Stories 2 dropped on Netflix last week and I was very excited to witness four new stories exploring female sexuality. But I was primarily disappointed as […]

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Even In 2021 Why Are Sexist & Thoughtless Ads Still A Thing?

Sexist ads should be a thing of the past, but many remain that reinforce stereotypes, though slowly, some change has been achieved.

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Radhe: A Mind-Numbingly Painful Film Which Even Bhai-Fans Should Not Tolerate

The formulaic story of a no-nonsense cop Radhe who single-handedly saves the youth of Mumbai is a reminder of the thousands of such films we have watched and forgotten.

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4 Heartbreaking Ways We’ve Lost Forever Our Years Of Youthful Dreams To COVID

The 20s and 30s were supposed to be that period of one's life where one could be carefree, live life and make mistakes. But COVID has destroyed all that for us.

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Mother’s Day Movies Plan? Here Are 5 Movies To Choose From!

From comedy to thriller, this Mother's Day, share all your emotions with your beloved mom. With these 5 movies make your movie plan a success!

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Just Stop Pressuring Newly-Married Women To Be ‘Ideal Indian Bahus’!

Why is being an ideal Indian bahu such an ordeal? A woman shouldn’t have to pay a hefty fine only because she got married, right?

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Criminal Justice
The Series Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors Raises Questions Which Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors, a web series which raises important questions about consent and abuse, needs to be applauded for its efforts despite its shortcomings.

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Coolie No 1
Coolie No 1 Is A Christmas Surprise Wrapped In An Outdated Bollywood Package

Released on Prime, Coolie No 1 shows that Bollywood still has a long way to go in terms of catching up with present sensibilities of a thinking audience.

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