Antara Mome

A single mom, freedom lover, passionate about life, self-employed (teaching and learning), love writing and connecting to people.

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Social worker
What I Learnt From My Stint As A Newly-Minted Social Worker

An eager social worker's first-hand experience of working in the field. The scales fall off her eyes, but the urge to help the needy burns just as fierce.  

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I’m Sorry I Misunderstood You Maa All These Years; Let’s Make Up For Them

We often depend heavily on our assumptions and miss out on great relationships. Being open and honest may stop us from losing the people we love.

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co parenting my son
My Mom Was The Best Support I Had As A Single Mom Going Through Traumatic Childbirth

Being a single mom is already difficult, without added health issues; if it weren't for my mother, I'm not sure how I'd have coped through pregnancy, delivery of my son, and after.

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A Ride On The Time Machine

A short story of a woman who sees her future and realises that she wants to be the mother-in-law she never had.

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My Motherhood Is NOT Defined By The Bindi, But By My Love!

Even today, the uncle living next door thinks it is extremely uncultured and 'bold' if I wear jeans or trousers as a divorced mother.

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As A New Mom Being Unable To Breastfeed My Baby Was The Toughest Thing I Faced

After my c-section, my baby and I struggled with breastfeeding for various reasons. It was the most heart-breaking time of my life!

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Dear Son, No Matter What It Takes, You Will Bear My Maiden Surname!

Since his birth, I have single-handedly taken care of my son. Today, I fight to give him my maiden last name so he carries my legacy forward!

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My Journey From Post Delivery Body Shaming To A Confident Momma

I shall fight back and not allow people body shame me, rather I challenged myself to lift me to heights where they would be envious of me!

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