Ananya is an economist-in-the-making & internet governance advocate who is extremely passionate about & committed to supporting young girls to stay "relevant, productive, and efficient" in the labor force for the futuristic digital economy. At present, she is a Women Deliver Young Leader representing India. She is the NextGen Ambassador for ICANN69 Meeting in Germany & was the youngest Fellow at the Asia-Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum in Russia and the only official Indian NextGen Fellow for ICANN64 Meeting in Japan. She is also a NetMission Ambassador for DotAsia Organization. She was the Global Facilitator for the Samsung Junior Engineering Academy in Seoul, Korea and was also selected as the youngest Changemaker for She Creates Change by She is UNEP and Samsung Engineering, South Korea supported Tunza Eco-Generation's 24th Ambassador to South Asia, 23rd & 22nd Regional Ambassador to Afghanistan and 21st Regional Ambassador to India. She is also the Alumni Ambassador for the Yale Young Global​ Scholars (Yale University, USA) and is a former blogger for The HuffPost​, The SPAN, the official magazine of the US Embassy in India​​, and has also been on board of the editorial team of the Novak Djokovic Foundation (Serbia).​ She's a 2-time silver prize winner in the International Essay Competition organised by the Royal Commonwealth Society, London, UK and later, served as a judge for the same competition.


Alexa, Siri And Cortana; Isn’t It Time We Ungendered Our Virtual Assistants?

Women assistants and virtual assistant are okay but men behaving like or doing things “usually” done by women IS NOT okay? You say this is not stereotyping?

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The YouTube Vs. TikTok Feud Once Again Questions Our Regressive Beliefs Of Gender And Gender Fluidity

The latest YouTube vs. TikTok feud is made me question opinions on gender fluidity. Are we still living in an era where being feminine is considered low?

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internet governance
Gender & Safety On The Internet Are Key Future Concerns, And This 19 y.o. Has The Answers

With more than 460 million internet users in the country and with real safety concerns, we need to understand what internet governance means. Ananya, India's NextGen Fellow, explains.

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