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Blogger, standup comedy addict, movie and music lover. I often scare people saying, "Beware, I'll write you!"

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And Pankhudi Decided To Fly… [#ShortStory]

"As for marriage, I am waiting for someone looking for a Princess Charming. Until I find him, I will not marry. Is that sorted?”

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The Bicycle [#ShortStory]

"But I have a condition!" said Amma to the inquisitive faces, continuing, "This cycle is not just for you. You have to let Mansi ride it too. "

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The Other Side Of Her [#ShortStory]

Mansplainers abound, who take their wives' mildness for meekness, and adaptability for weakness. Until they realize that they are wrong! A short story.

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Parenting 3.0: Stay Updated And Let Your Kids Blossom Into Individuals With A Voice

Looking at parents, children and the changing world of today, it seems parenting isn’t going to be a piece of cake at all. Parenting right is a whole new ball game!

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Her Destiny’s Child [#ShortStory]

'She would not terminate the life growing inside her, for fear of others. She would give birth and rear her child.' A short story about choice.

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Why Women Should Not Let The Pigeonholing As “Those Pushy Women Bosses!” Get To Them!

Women bosses and women drivers are sometimes deemed in the same social light – as cranky, pushy and loud. Relax, even as you need to push back.

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Just ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ Is Not Enough. We Need ‘Beti Ko Legal Rights Sikhao’ Too!

The legal rights of women need to be taught early on, so that our girls know what they are entitled to, and how to safeguard themselves.

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Great Relationships Are Made Of Acceptance, Not Approval

Maybe our relationships should be modeled on true friendship? Friends don't judge, don't dictate your choices, but are there for you when you need them.

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How I Went In For An Arranged Marriage But Unexpectedly Found Romance!

You need to decide on priorities and nurture your delicate marital relationship, in a culture which romanticizes marriage, but shatters it too with interference!

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My Friend Got Out Of An Abusive Marriage And Survived – No, Thrived!

It needs grit and courage to be a divorced Indian woman in our society, but that is no reason to stay in a relationship that gives nothing more than trouble!

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