Aarti Nair

Co-founder of Collegebol.com, India's first platform for college reviews and ratings, she is also the youngest founding member of an Ahmedabad, India based rationalist group which aims to discuss social issues and promote rationality. A feminist by choice and a writer by nature- she believes in penning down everything in the most explicit manner possible. She also has a blog called 'The Other Angle' (https://aartinair.wordpress.com/). She finds writing orgasmic, that's why she keeps going back to it.

Voice of Aarti Nair

let daughters travel
Why Are Indian Parents So Afraid To Let Their Daughters Travel?

Travel can teach you many things about life, but Indian parents are loathe to let daughters travel, either with friends or alone!

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public toilet
If I Had A Rupee Every Time I Found A Dirty Public Toilet, I Would Be A Rich Woman!

Creating a clean experience for the next person in a public toilet is not so difficult. Disposables in the bin, flush well, and wipe that toilet seat!

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Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar
Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Feminist Message To Women

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, who crafted our Constitution, was a feminist ahead of his time, and his words need to be read and shared.

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The Nagaland Riots: Why Does The Rise Of Women In Politics Worry Some Men?

The Nagaland riots in recent times have their roots in some men's fears of women gaining an equal voice in politics and power.

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Not a Review: Why I Have No Issues With Dangal

While some reviews of Dangal have taken exception to the extreme training that Mahavir Phogat (in the movie) puts his daughters through, this writer has no issues. Here's why.

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Aleppo Or India: Who Cares About Women In Conflict Zones?

Whether Aleppo or India, regardless of who may win the war, women in conflict zones only lose. Does anyone care?

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No Offence, But What The Sindoor?

Why do women have to wear signs of matrimony like the sindoor and the mangalsutra? A post that will make you think.

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This Is The Rudest Question You Can Ask A Woman

What is the rudest question you can ask a woman? It's certainly not her age.

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“What Can You Do About This, Bitch?” Was The Look On My Molester’s Face

I will never forget the look on my molester's face. Against most people's wishes, I chose to file an FIR against him.

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