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Aarthee Suriyakumar

Electrical engineer turned into Marketer. From heartland of Tamilnadu but almost Mumbaikaar.

Voice of Aarthee Suriyakumar

Netflix Series Maid: Emotional Domestic Abuse Isn’t Recognised Unless There Are Visible Injuries!

Netflix's web series Maid presents the story of Alex, who fights her way out of an abusive relationship, something all too familiar even in the Indian context... 

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feminist ads
From Dove To OkCupid, Here Are 5 Incredible Feminist Ads Of 2021!

These 5 well-known brands like Dove & OkCupid have stunned their audience with progressive, feminist ads that are a delight to watch! 

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women in Fintech
5 Women In Fintech Who’re Now Taking Over India’s Finance Domain

Women have been financially independent since just a century or so in India. Now, in the 21st century we have some inspiring women in Fintech who are making a wave.

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Meet the Bohra Sisters Who Bring Memories Alive Through Artistic Story-telling On Instagram!

The journey of Bohra Sisters making a mark on Instagram. Now at 51k followers, they bring to life nostalgic childhood memories with quirky story-telling...

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Mumbai Diaries
Mumbai Diaries: 3 Women Who Hold Up The Sky In This Dramatised Account Of The 26/11 Attack

Mumbai Diaries is a brisk if slightly chaotic dramatisation of the events of 26th November 2008, better known as 26/11, which shook the city of dreams.

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20 Yrs Of Chocolat In Which Badass Women Show That Change Is Inevitable!

Chocolat brings us the story of a single mom who stands up for her ideals against conservative notions of society, and still wins hearts.

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Nallennai Chitra
Malayalam & Tamil Actor Nallennai Chitra Passes Away At Just 56; A Tribute

Nallennai Chitra, a well known face in the South Indian movie and TV industry, passed away of cardiac arrest on Saturday, 21st August. A tribute.

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6 Moms Who Found Gaps In The Baby Care Market And Grew Giant Businesses

These women entrepreneurs in the baby care space dared to enter a category dominated by giants - and find their own footing in it brilliantly.

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Britney Spears Saga
Why The Britney Spears Saga Strikes A Chord With Indian Women!

American pop-star Britney Spears's fight against excessive control by her own family has much in common with the struggles of Indian women. 

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Minari’s Grandma Soon-ja Is A Rare Gem In The World Of Stereotypical Grandparents

Society’s expectations for the elderly are starkly defined in terms of ‘acceptable behaviour’ for their age. However, in Minari, Grandma Soon-ja breaks those stereotypes, and how!

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4 Adorable Dad-Daughter Relationships From Hollywood Films To Make You Emotional

4 wonderful father daughter relationships in Hollywood films that will have you reach for your hankies, all about a dad's love for daughters.

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Arya Rajendran
22y.o. Arya Rajendran: If I’ve Become Mayor At This Age I Know Very Well How To Handle This

When opposition members made a personal attack on her age and gender on social media, Kerala’s 22 year old Mayor puts them in their place with resolute confidence. 

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Meet These 5 Women Entrepreneurs Redefining The Indian Cosmetics & Skincare Industry

These women entrepreneurs in the Indian beauty & skincare industry entered a crowded field - but made it all their own. Let's see how they did it!

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Neena Gupta: My Fiancé Called Off Wedding With No Explanations But Then I Moved On

Neena Gupta's story of her wedding being called off as a young woman speaks of her strength in moving on from whatever happens.

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Mare of Easttown
Kate Winslet’s Mare Of Easttown Is All About Flawed, Tough, Yet Compassionate Women

Mare of Easttown is not just another story of a detective solving a case with extraordinary brilliance and eye for details, but so much more.

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Woman meditating in nature
Let’s Bust These Myths About Vipassana – Here’s What I Learnt In 10 Days

The common myths about Vipassana are that it's all about an empty stomach, and ten long days filled with nothing. The truth is, there's more to it!

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Bharti Mandal
Konkana’s Bharti Mandal In Ajeeb Daastans Is A Potent Mix Of Conflict And Clarity

Konkona Sen Sharma's Bharti Mandal doesn’t hesitate to throw punches at the man who harasses her. She doesn’t hesitate to speak up and ask for the role she rightfully deserves with her qualifications.

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These 5 Movies With Strong Female Friendships Teach Us To Lift Each Other Up

Movies mirror our lives, but also tell us how to live them. These 5 movies show us what female friendships do for our lives, in the best possible way.

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I’ve Learnt The Power Of A Good Haircut After Multiple Hair Experiments!

For me, haircuts are not routine maintenance. It is a crucial moment of glory that allows me to reinvent myself for the next few months!

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