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4 Adorable Dad-Daughter Relationships From Hollywood Films To Make You Emotional

4 wonderful father daughter relationships in Hollywood films that will have you reach for your hankies, all about a dad's love for daughters.

4 wonderful father daughter relationships in Hollywood films that will have you reach for your hankies, all about a dad’s love for daughters.

The duration of a beautiful movie might be just a couple of hours, but it leaves a lasting impression on the mind when it reminds us of the wonderful relationship with our loved ones. Here are 4 movies that show us a father’s love for his daughter in a truly heartwarming manner.

Father will always be a girl’s first hero. The one and only hero who strives to keep her happy from the moment she is born. Many times, making a daughter happy involves promises and fathers do everything in their power to win that one little smile from their darling.

Join me in celebrating some wonderful movies featuring fathers who kept their promises to their beloved daughters – even if it takes travelling across countries, galaxies and the universe!


I remember the craze before the movie was released. Everyone was rushing to book IMAX tickets for the best experience while brushing up physics fundamentals, blackhole, gravitational anomalies, and whatnot. The movie delivers exactly that until the turning point when you see Mathew McConaughey’s Cooper breaking down as he sees his daughter Murphy as a woman for the first time after he left her as teenger.

The narrative shifts entirely to a father’s promise to be kept, in returning back to his daughter and hopefully getting her generation a shot at leading a better life. Cooper manages to do both and he gets back to his daughter when she is nearing death.

It almost feels like roles have been reversed now when the ageing Murphy lets go of her still- young father to spare him the pain of watching his own child die. Tears well up every time I hear Murphy say “Because my dad promised me”.

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“Love, TARS, Love. My love for Murphy is unquantifiable,” says Cooper when he connects the dots and realizes his connection to her is everything that matters. But we all know a father’s love for his daughter is beyond quantifying!!


“I don’t know who you are. But if you don’t let my daughter go, I will find you and I will kill you.” This dialogue by Liam Neeson’s Bryan Mills has probably been used in a million memes- but remains a resolute proof of a father’s promise to keep his daughter safe.

Bryan’s daughter Kim is kidnapped and he does everything in his power to get her back. He is relentless in tracing the kidnapper and does not shy away from gun fights, car chases, or locking horns with mafia rings.

Despite the action packed plotline, Bryan’s struggle to save his daughter is real. It is relatable to every father who is aware of the unimaginable dangers his daughter will be facing as she steps out of home everyday.

Every father who realizes that holding back his daughter is not an option, but being there for her when she needs you is the real champion.

Father of the Bride

Steve Martin plays an extremely caring but overprotective dad George Banks. His life turns upside down when his 22-year old daughter Annie returns from a Rome vacation and announces that she is getting married to a guy she met there.

It starts with the scene where George pictures a little girl in Annie’s place announcing her wedding plans, and is a complete laughter riot in every single frame after that.

Despite the mounting expenses, wealthy in-laws and an intolerable wedding planner, George strives to give his daughter her dream wedding. He steps up to solve the little fight between the young couple and makes peace with the decision to let go of his daughter as he understands her fiance’s genuine love for her. As Annie packs her bags, empties the room, turns in her key and has her last basketball game with her dad – it brings back memories of my lovely little routines with my dad.

The sequel is equally endearing as George becomes a grandfather, and a father once again at the same time. My favourite scene is when Annie shares her interest to shift to Boston which breaks his heart, but he lets her decide without revealing his side of missing her.

Parting with a daughter after her marriage is one of the most difficult phases for a dad. Steve Martin delivers it to perfection retaining his trademark humour and antics.


This is a science fiction film where the main story revolves around NASA sending a dysfunctional bunch of deep sea oil-drillers into space to save the world from a meteor incident. But hidden beneath layers of humour, action, and science is an unconventional father- daughter relationship.

Bruce Willis plays Harry Stamper, world’s best deep sea oil- driller who has raised his daughter Grace as a single parent while living across oil rigs. Though he disapproves of her budding relationship with AJ, one of his crew members, he eventually acknowledges the fact that she is a grown woman who can choose her own life.

I will never make peace with the ending of this movie for Harry ‘s promise to Grace may seem broken. But he did send AJ back with his blessings and a tear-jerking “Goodbye Son”.

Beyond the sacrifices involved in raising a daughter, acknowledging that she is a grown woman who has the right to choose her life is the genuine trait of a great father. And every loving father is a champion, saviour, and superhero for his daughter!

Take a moment to remember your father’s best promise to you and cherish the endearing bond you have with him!

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