These 5 Movies With Strong Female Friendships Teach Us To Lift Each Other Up

Movies mirror our lives, but also tell us how to live them. These 5 movies show us what female friendships do for our lives, in the best possible way.

Movies mirror our lives, but also tell us how to live them. These 5 movies show us what female friendships do for our lives, in the best possible way.

We are what we are because of everyone around us. Every woman is surrounded by strong women who motivate her, who bring out the best in her by setting an example.

Mothers, aunts, sister, friends, hostel roommates, colleagues, mentors, bosses…all of them have a role to play in shaping our lives in the best possible way. Such enriching relationships existed in our best moments, pulled us through some tough ones and are  the cushion that let us fall back knowing we would be supported!

Join me in celebrating some of the best movies featuring strong women who challenged the norms and inspired millions with their stories!

Steel Magnolias

Inspired by a real life story showcasing the endearing bond that a group of women share as they celebrate, cry, mourn and stand together. Beyond the warmth of female friendship, the movie touches upon deep issues like how one woman puts a life of harassment behind to move on, how another fights sickness to experience a full life and how devastating it is to experience the loss of a child.

Women are beautiful and gentle like magnolias, but made of steel! (Shirley Maclaine is a real treat to watch as badass Ouiser!)

A League Of Their Own

A fictional account of the formation of the first American Women’s baseball league which started as an experiment during World War II and turned out to be equally successful like Major league baseball!

The story brings together women from all walks of life – like a woman who just got married, a single mother with an unruly child, a socially awkward player, a devoted wife who lost her husband due to war and so on. In an era where women are trained to behave like dolls, wear skimpy costumes etc, these ladies stick together and  gracefully show the world what Girl power is.

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The Help

The story of unexpected friendships that blossom in Civil rights movement era, The Help brings together women who stand up against racial oppression. Though the central theme of social injustice runs throughout the movie, critical issues like domestic violence, financial stability, poor treatment of domestic help and support needed to handle miscarriages are all covered, which surprisingly continue to be issues till date.

Hidden Figures

Strong convictions precede great actions. Nothing can stop a woman with pure conviction to achieve – race or sex or social class! When women entering the workforce were straight sent to the secretarial pool, three female mathematicians challenged the male-dominated work environment. And the rest, is history!

Mocked initially, accepted slowly and  lauded eventually, their transformation and dedication to their jobs while facing racial discrimination is beyond inspiring. Imagine a time when NASA’s first black female engineer had to plead her case in court to attend an all-white school for advanced engineering courses!

Mona Lisa Smile

This is the story of an extraordinary teacher in early 1950s who inspires female students to think of life beyond just marriage and motherhood. The subject of contraception is shunned, women give up promising legal career paths to become housewives and are expected to not walk out of marriages even if their spouse is unfaithful.

Against all these over-powering tides, feminism thrives, as the teacher not just shows the path – but sets an example herself and liberates many independent thinking women.

Look around you, there are numerous such resolute women who inspire you everyday with their stories. Take a moment to celebrate these beautiful women, cherish these bonds that enable to challenge yourself and society!

History is made when women come together to support each other!

Top image is a scene from the movie The Help

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