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Dear Survivor, Please Know That It Is More About YOU Than About The Relationship

Posted: February 1, 2021

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If somebody else is trying to steal your happiness and make your life hell, you need to know the right time to snap, step down and let go.

Dear Survivor,

You are brave! It takes a lot to bear someone’s wrath and still stand strong. It requires courage to cling on to a relationship that is, actually, worthless. You have come a long way in bearing the brunt of a devil who has been trying to control your life. It must have been months or maybe years that you have been suffering.

Your pain is something only you can understand. Whatever I may tell you, won’t heal your scars. Whatever anyone may tell you won’t do you any good.

You must have come across a lot of people in your life, some, who must have told you to keep your story under covers, some, who must have forced you to carry on the relationship and told you that there was no other option and some, who must have said that this happens with everybody and is a man’s right.

All the seemingly genuine advices must have come from people who would have further received these advices from their circle of friends and family. This chain of advices is a loop and is trying to entangle you with its force. Trust me, these advices will give you more pain than the pain itself.

It is about you

Lady, know that you are beautiful, confident and courageous. When you held your man’s hand and vowed around the fire that you will stand by him, you did NOT promise to get beaten by him. Enduring a marriage for a lifetime will not make you a ‘good’ wife. Remember, that this relationship is about you and him and not just about him. If there are two people in a relationship, how can one be valued more than the other? How can one take control of the other? How can one assume that he has the right to do whatever he wishes to? How can one be just the only one when it has to be about the two?

Remember that at the end of the day, you need to be answerable to your own self than to anybody else. When at night, you close your eyes to sleep, you should only and only see happy flashbacks from the day and not sad ones. And it is your and only your responsibility to give yourself a happy life. If somebody else is trying to steal your happiness and make your life hell, you need to know the right time to snap, step down and let go.

My dear, letting go is a beautiful feeling. Do try it once. Shout, fight, seek help from those who are ready to or break free but restore your happiness!

Image source: Pixabay

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