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21 Things Every Girl Should Know

Posted: August 8, 2013

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Sneha Mehta’s 21 Things Every Girl Should Know is a self-help book that acts as a guide for the 21st century girl.

Review by Shruti Kamat

Sneha Mehta’s 21 Things Every Girl Should Know is funny, engaging and relatable – reason enough to read. It also stays clear from the usual girl clichés – even more reason to read.

The book attempts to answer common questions that plague today’s Indian women, but in a practical, logical and even scientific manner. Mehta lays bare for us, some common problems that every woman faces at some point but probably wouldn’t say out loud. The answers are provided, not in the form of philosophical gyaan, but rather as humorous anecdotes and experiences of other women.

Men and women are different, Mehta says, and she explains these inherent distinctions in character without asserting the superiority of either. She goes right up to the beginning of the evolution of mankind and into the biological and mental hardwires of either sex to explain common day-to-day concerns and conflicts between the two.

Mehta seeks to highlight discrepancies in our understanding of the male psyche, and leaves us with ways of reacting sensibly in volatile situations. She also delves meticulously into the female anatomy and sexuality, seeking to burst the guilt bubble that takes over Indian women when it comes to anything about their body. Further, she employs really simple and conversational language that never gets too tedious or taxing.

While I really love the fact that we finally have a book that does not seek to belittle or trivialize the issues that women face, even Mehta cannot resist the urge to get into a little bit of needless amusement. Stuff about how chocolates are better than sex or silly pick-up lines that men use, not to mention the tests to ‘measure’ your level of feminism or your romantic quotient, give you a very cheesy-teenage-website feel. While I understand that Mehta aims to make the book a light and entertaining read, dumbing down the content in this manner jars the otherwise humorous but sensible narrative.

That aside, I’d recommend giving Sneha Mehta’s new book a try. You may relate to some parts, you might not relate to some, but it will leave you with new insights about yourself and your relationships for sure.

Publishers: Grapevine.

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Shruti Kamat is a psychology student who reads a lot, writes a bit, wants to

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