Author’s Corner: With Meghna Pant

Posted: June 25, 2012

In the ‘Author’s Corner’ series we shine the spotlight on promising first-time female authors. Hope you enjoy reading some fun facts about them!

Meet Meghna Pant, author of One & A Half Wife – a novel that traces the coming-of-age of multiple characters in contemporary India.

If you had not become a writer, what would you have been?

I’d probably have been an unsuccessful chartered accountant.

What is the best thing about being a published author?

The best thing about being a published author is how people come together for you in a show of support and love. So many long-lost friends and acquaintances have surprised me by coming for my book readings or getting in touch to say they bought my book. People have been writing in from all over India to tell me how they couldn’t put the novel down, that it is well-written and a page-turner, and that is really touching.

What is the hardest thing about writing a book?

There is not a single easy part about writing and publishing a book. I’d naively thought that writing and editing a book – with months of hard work – was enough for a novel. But then you have to find a publisher, go through re-edits, and once your book is out, you have to market it. It’s an intense commitment of at least two-three years, and definitely not for the faint-hearted. That said, I’ve loved every moment of it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you were a man, would there be anything different about your book?

It would probably be titled ‘One & A Half Husband’, which also happens to be the most popular title suggested for a sequel of One & A Half Wife.

Who was the first to read your book? What was their first reaction?

It was Prita Maitra, my editor at Westland. When I sent her my manuscript, she replied in two hours that she was really enjoying it. In two days she said she loved it enough to sign me on. Such kind of confidence in a new author was really inspiring and honestly, a big relief.

One book you would love to have written?

I wish I had the tenacity, largesse and writing prowess of Ayn Rand. I love her work, her ideology and characters.

Future literary plans?

My collection of short stories is ready for publication. I am also in the early stages of writing my second full-length novel based in – and between – India and China. It is a dark comedy that portrays a family’s greed, lust and power, in the wake of geopolitical tension.

Thanks Meghna!

*Photo credit: Meghna Pant.

Now dear readers, a book giveaway for you!
Answer this question: Guess: what does ‘One & A Half Wife’ mean?

Just leave your answer as a comment below – and one winner will get a signed copy of One & A Half Wife!

Please note: Only 1 comment per person. The book can only be sent to a valid address in India. Giveaway closes on 9 AM IST 2nd July 2012.

So what are you waiting for? Comment away!

Update: Giveaway closed. We have a winner!

Meghna has chosen Namrata’s comment as the prize-winning one! Congrats Namrata! Please mail your postal address and contact number to and you’ll get your author-signed copy of One & A Half Wife soon.

Thanks for participating everyone and stay tuned for more such exciting giveaways!

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  1. One and half wife : It may mean that the protogonist has had a once in lifetime chance to be herself again after her marraige… maybe failed or voilent or just one which did not live upto her expectations…

  2. Rama Chandrasekharan -

    One and a half wife would mean the passage of life of a girl who as a wife sees in reality when things go all wrong for her and the circumstances of life she dreams for when everything goes smooth for her.

  3. Namrata Sadhvani -

    Not having read the book ( yet! ), the title “One and Half Wife” seems to imply a failed marriage ( arranged perhaps ?) and the search for a second chance at love. It also re-asserts belief in the fact that life always give you a second chance at re-discovering your true self and your inner happiness, if in fact you have been previously unsuccessful.

  4. I love the book One and a half wife

  5. Me too! I really enjoyed this novel.

    Would not have guessed what is one & a half wife. I thought it was a mistress in the marriage.

  6. Haven’t yet read the book, so just basing my answer of a hunch.

    There is an eye disorder known as ‘one and a half syndrome’. While gazing in one direction, one pupil seems to look in that direction, while the other looks ahead instead of in the same direction.

    Maybe the story deals with a duality of personality, circumstances or choices in the life of the protagonist?

    I may be completely wrong, of course.

  7. It is nice to read more the author.

    I feel like one and half wife will be very fat wife.

    I have read fine reviews of this novel on the internet. Wish you the very best!

  8. i think its about a girl whose story is described both after and before marriage,and teh true reality one faced after her marriage

  9. Nidhi Chandna -

    It evoked 3 thoughts in me that either 1.5 wife refers to a wife who is so sacrificing that she is termed more than what one wife could have done for her husband, or story of a husband married to one woman and having an extramarital affair with another, or third of a woman who after half a life of unsuccessful marriage gets a divorce and begin afresh as a full wife 🙂

  10. The title one and half wife evokes thoughts in me…as if the protagonist is not fully into the marriage, as if she wants to consummate to be one but struggles as being there half as a wife…her soul is somewhere else longing to be one…or there is a conflict in her mind and her soul is caught being pulled by two halves of her life…

  11. ‘One and a half wife’ could be a wife who is more than just a wife – a wife and a buddy….may be….

  12. I hope you all get to read this amazing book.

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