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Author’s Corner: With Kiran Manral

Posted: March 12, 2012

In the ‘Author’s Corner’ series we shine the spotlight on promising first-time female authors. Hope you enjoy reading some fun facts about them!

A name which Women’s Web readers would be quite familiar with – Kiran Manral, author of The Reluctant Detective, a murder mystery with a bored housewife as the protagonist.

If you had not become a writer, what would you have been?

A painter.

What is the best thing about being a published author?

You can work at your own hours.

What is the hardest thing about writing a book?

Breaking the writer’s block.

If you were a man, would there be anything different about your book?

It wouldn’t be about a woman struggling with weight issues and having nothing to wear.

Who was the first to read your book? What was their first reaction?

My editor. I would like to think she liked it enough to sign it on.

One book you would love to have written?

The Lord of The Rings series. What imagination. What a world.

Future literary plans?

More writing. Some experimenting with genre and narrative. Fingers crossed it goes well.

Thanks Kiran! We wish you well!

*Photo credit: Kiran Manral

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Now dear readers we have a book giveaway for you!
Answer this question: “I think I would/would not make a good detective because…”

Just leave your answer as a comment below – and one winner will get a copy of ‘The Reluctant Detective’ signed by Kiran Manral!

Please note: Only 1 comment per person. The book can only be sent to a valid address in India. Giveaway closes on 19th March 2012.

So what are you waiting for? Comment away!

Update (20/03/2012): We asked Kiran to pick the best comment to receive a signed copy of The Reluctant Detective, and she has picked Meenakshi for her comment. Congratulations, Meenakshi, we’ll get in touch with you soon for details!

(And no worries if you aren’t the lucky winner – we will be doing more such book giveaways on Women’s Web from time to time, so keep a lookout!)

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  1. Rama Chandrasekharan -

    I would became a good detective,as I have a sharp mind and I am very observant,good at face reading,and I sometimes can forecast incidents happening.Moreover I am
    a strong willed person who can take failures too and will never give up completing my task.

  2. I think I would make a good detective because I am 1) analytical 2)Observant with attention to detail 3)adventurous in attitude 4) persistent 5) Curious 6) I understand that all evidences/suspects are tentative, and I shouldnt jump to conclusions.

  3. Being a wife, suspecting maids, support staff and husband and identifying the goofups, sorting out messy and knotty situations caused by kids and family 24/7 , I believe I am a natural detective.I can read minds, face, finger prints, spilled stuff, can find the root cause and a natural actor being a woman.

  4. I think I would make a good detective because I’ve snooped around, found clues, put all the pieces together and… I’ve found out I’m going to win! (*evil laughter*). Skills demonstrated, mystery solved, case closed. 😉

  5. Because I’m good at following people. I follow 1400 people on Twitter.

  6. I would make an excellent detective , because my insides and outsides do not match, and no one will think I am one. Probably ideal for fakely befriending killers to get info.

  7. I think I wouldmake a good detective as I have a multiple personality disorder which includes, clinical psychologist, journalist, lawyer, social media expert, human rights activist and my sixth sense is BANG on the target 😉

  8. I think I would not make a good detective because I’m too emotional, cry easily listening to people’s sob stories and fail to see their dark side especially if I happen to like them. I’m too weighed down for active leg work, my afternoon siesta is a luxury I don’t want to give up on and it’s so much easier when I can just put my feet up and freely comment on others’ hard work 🙂

  9. I feel that women are natural detectives…..they have an inborn talent …….I would make a good detective because i am a psychologist, which means that connecting to people is very easy for me. Secondly being a Gemini (sunsign) , asking questions and finding out solutions is inherent in us. Patience, understanding, keen observation power, good rapport with people are a few of my qualities which make it ideal to be detective. I need to mention here that i am quite curious about the how’s and why’s of life, which hits the nail in the coffin! 🙂

  10. I think I would make a good detective because I would also make a good criminal. It takes one to know one, right?

  11. glad to know more about kiran !

  12. I think I would make a good detective cause I have a nose for news, can smell a rat in just about anything and have the curiosity of a child and can eavesdrop with such a straight face and nonchalance

  13. I think I would not be a detective because unlike many others, I hate poking my nose into others’ affairs!

  14. I think I would make a good detective because snooping about others (what color curtains do they have, what breed of dog do they have, how much are they paying their maid), without them coming to know, comes very naturally to me 🙂

  15. I think I wold make a good detective because I CAN and if I CAN I WILL…

  16. I think I would make a good detective, since I prefer to first find out about a gossip rather than blindly believe a gossip monger.! 😛

  17. I think I would not make a good detective as I have not read the book, after I read the book I think I would make a great detective.

  18. vandana choudhary -

    i want to win .its very good

  19. I love detective thrillers, read tons of them and had desperately wanted to be one. But I don’t think I will be a good detective though, for I am too much of a dreamer to pay attention to small details…and those small details matter

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