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Author’s Corner: With Lata Gwalani

Posted: April 30, 2012

In the ‘Author’s Corner’ series we shine the spotlight on promising first-time female authors. Hope you enjoy reading some fun facts about them!

Lata Gwalani weaves an intriguing tale through her psychological thriller Incognito – a story which lures the protagonist as well as the readers into its sinister depths.

If you had not become a writer, what would you have been?

A private writer! I have always been writing to myself…and my profession as a behavioural trainer offers me plenty of opportunity to put down my workshop experiences in writing.

What is the best thing about being a published author?

When the spine of your book beckons you from a crowded book shelf in a book store!

What is the hardest thing about writing a book?

Knowing where to stop!

If you were a man, would there be anything different about your book?

Plenty! A man’s perspective of Anjali, the protagonist, would have been interestingly different.

Who was the first to read your book? What was their first reaction?

My husband and my son were my first readers and critics. Their ‘wow’ was my aha moment! Two sharply differing age segments – gave me significant insights.

One book you would love to have written?

Oh, very difficult to answer that! I have many favourites that I would have loved to have written…Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind; Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love;  or even Tarun Tejpal’s The Alchemy of Desire.

Future literary plans?

Already underway! First, a book of short stories of real women I have met in my training workshops. Concurrently, I am working on a novel and a book of poems. I also blog at http://carelessbytes.wordpress.com

Thanks a lot Lata!

*Photo credit: Lata Gwalani

Now dear readers we have a book giveaway for you!
Answer this simple question: “If you find your friends plotting a murder, what would you do?”

Just leave your answer as a comment below – and one winner will get a copy of Incognito signed by Lata Gwalani!

Please note: Only 1 comment per person. The book can only be sent to a valid address in India. Giveaway closes on May 7th 2012

So what are you waiting for? Comment away!

UPDATE: And the winner of the author-signed copy of Incognito is… Gauri Trivedi! Congratulations Gauri! Please send an email with your postal address and contact number to admin@womensweb.in.

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  1. Kiran Manral -

    Lata, are you the same Lata who married Sunil Gwalani of Alliance advertising…irrelevant to book question, but was just curious…

  2. Would love to know about the journey of your book from your table to publisher’s table. How did you write to an editor for the first time about your book? Was there a literary agent who did this work for you?
    Sorry, for asking so many questions!

    Also, In a regular middle class life that I live it is a difficult and unknown space to think if any of my friends are plotting a murder. I mean my busy friends get mad even to arrange a day out for group luncheon. Where is the time after the regular job, taking care of home/family/social front and some hobbies! Plotting a murder will need so much more time!

    • Thanks Chandrima for your reply. Read the book and you will know how they actually went about plotting the murder!

      No, I do not have a literary agent and yes,I approached publishers on my own…

  3. I would do a couple of things and in this order respectively:

    a) Make sure they aren’t plotting MY murder!
    b) Stay away from them for as long as it takes &
    c) Send an anonymous tip of warning to the person concerned (yeah, I ain’t brave enough to risk my life!!)
    d) Write a book about them and the failed murder, bet it would sell a lot of copies…seemingly harmless people plotting murders!!

    And of course I ‘ ll miss my friends when they are in jail !!

  4. I would join the plotting, a natural actor being a mom and just before murder, would ask them to do a dress rehearsal to find any loopholes in the plan. During that, I would reflect them the misery of afterlife when things go wrong. If this doesn’t work, will blackmail them emotionally and show them the ‘Shaitaan’ movie once to get moral support. If that too doesn’t work, will provide them the ruthless weapon to murder:-
    1. Somebody’s competitive mother in law
    2. My poetry at http://meenakshimsingh.blogspot.in/

  5. If my friends are plotting a murder, assuming I am not a part of the plot, I’d do the following:

    1) Find out who the victim is
    2) Find out why do they want the victim dead
    3) Try to save my friends from committing the crime, without their knowing, by:
    a. Create a deviation of sorts
    b. Trying to sort the underlying issues they have, which may avert the murder
    c. Foiling their plans by apprising the victim that his life is in danger
    4) This one’s just for fun: I’d anonymously start cartoon strip on Facebook where each plan is published for all to see, including my friends. I’ll show them through strip how I know about their plans and can foil them, and that they’d better give up.

  6. Sutanuka Banerjee -

    record their conversation and call police. friends and foes are same if they have murderous instinct.

  7. Hi Lata, r u d same lata who used travel with me from Thane…….(Ex-TCS too!!!)…saw ur news article in d papers today…

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