How Sreedevi Transformed Her Tailoring Business To Further Create Jobs For Other Women!

"I wanted to create opportunities for more women in our group and help them become financially independent. I believe we could achieve great things together," Sreedevi shares, her eyes shining with hope.

46-year-old Sreedevi from Kerala has defied all odds and made herself financially independent. Married with two children, she took a leap of faith to contribute to her family’s earnings while pursuing her passion. Her journey is an inspiration to women seeking financial independence and self-worth.

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Sreedevi, a B.Com graduate, was at a crossroads when she had to leave her job at an insurance company to care for her ailing mother-in-law. Fueled by a desire to contribute to her family’s well-being and inspired by her husband’s dedication, she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in tailoring.

Reflecting on her challenges, Sreedevi shares, “After my husband had to return home from working abroad due to a family emergency, he started his salon in our hometown. He taught me that no work is too big or small to provide for our family. This motivated me to start something of my own and support our family’s needs.”

Driven by her creative passion, Sreedevi fearlessly established her small, home-based tailoring business, catering to the needs of her neighbours, friends, and relatives. She shares with determination, “I aimed to utilise my skills and time while also looking after my mother-in-law and managing household responsibilities. Tailoring proved to be the perfect fit for me.”

Steps towards financial stability and a more positive life

As fate would have it, Sreedevi’s decision to pursue her entrepreneurial venture brought financial stability and had an unexpected positive impact on her family.

With her daughter happily married and her son residing abroad, Sreedevi had ample time to oversee her business operations while caring for her mother-in-law. “Interestingly, my mother-in-law’s health began to improve when customers started visiting our home to place their orders,” Sreedevi reveals with a smile. “The constant buzz of customers infused our household with energy and liveliness. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.”

For six years, Sreedevi stitched garments, catering to the unique preferences of her customers. However, she realised she needed additional resources to expand her business and meet the growing demands. Sreedevi, a Kudumbashree all-women self-help group member in Kerala, believed hiring two fellow members would benefit her business and also support other women. “I wanted to create opportunities for more women in our group and help them become financially independent. I believe we could achieve great things together,” Sreedevi shares, her eyes shining ith hope.

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Deciding to expand the business

For business expansion, she needed two additional power sewing machines. To obtain the necessary capital for her business, Sreedevi turned to Mahila Money, a trusted financial platform dedicated to providing capital solutions to women entrepreneurs. After submitting all the required documents, Sreedevi was delighted when her loan of INR 40,000 for 12 months was approved.

With the loan, Sreedevi wasted no time acquiring two additional sewing machines and hiring two skilled ladies from her self-help group. Prior to obtaining the loan, she solely relied on stitching work, taking orders from anyone who happened to walk into her home-based shop. But after the loan, she could expand her business and started selling online. Sreedevi acquired the necessary materials, skilfully designed and tailored garments, then showcased her creations through her WhatsApp status and on Instagram. “I started promoting my designs on social media and, to my surprise, received a good response. This was something new for me, and I enjoyed catering to different sets of customers”, says Sreedevi with a smile.

Building a team that supported other women like her

Not only did Sreedevi’s business experience remarkable growth, but she also generated employment for two more women in her community. She paid them per piece and day-wise, ensuring they received fair compensation for their valuable work. Sreedevi also had a backup staff to manage high-volume orders, particularly during festive seasons.

“My fellow entrepreneurs and I work together as a team, supporting each other and sharing our knowledge. It’s a wonderful feeling to uplift one another,” Sreedevi reflects, a touch of pride evident in her words.

The business flourished, and Sreedevi’s monthly profits almost doubled, reaching an impressive 18,000 rupees from 10,000 rupees. “The loan from Mahila Money changed everything for me. It provided the boost I needed to expand my business and increase my income significantly. I am forever grateful,” Sreedevi explains, her voice brimming with gratitude.

With her success and dreams of expansion, Sreedevi aspires to open her shop and hire additional staff to meet the growing demand. “I want to create a thriving business that not only supports my family but also supports more women in my community. Mahila Money has shown me that no dream is too big or out of reach,” Sreedevi concludes, her voice filled with hope and ambition.

Sreedevi’s transformative journey showcases the incredible impact of Mahila Money’s support, allowing women to rise above challenges and create a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Her #JiyoApneDumPe story encourages women to pursue their passions, embrace entrepreneurship, and envision a world where they are agents of change.

If you are a #JiyoApneDumPe woman entrepreneur who wants to take your business to new heights and needs working capital and entrepreneurship resources, get in touch with the Mahila Money team today.

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