The Social Media Dilemma: To Verify Or Not To Verify

In the past the blue tick used to mean that you were really somebody, today, it is presumably being pushed and pulled in the drain through monetisation.

It’s been 8 years since I got verified as a published author on Goodreads and a few months as a notable professional on LinkedIn (I did not pay anything to get the tick—I went through their official procedures, submitted the documents and waited).

I always dreamed of getting that blue tick on X (formerly Twitter), but it never happened. However, I’m not too bothered about it since I haven’t used X in over 5 years.

On Instagram, the blue tick does seem tempting, after all, I have worked hard to be a “known” personality, but is it really worth it to spend a couple of thousands to confirm the authenticity of my account and distinguish it from fake or fan accounts?

The blue tick is the symbol of credibility!

The blue tick has become a symbol of prestige and credibility and holds significant weight in the social media realm. Without anything second in my mind, I know it will boost my credibility, making me stand out in a sea of profiles. Verified accounts often gain more visibility, trust, and opportunities, making it an attractive prospect for influencers and brands to collaborate and get a rise in the bar of being famous.

If I embrace the tick beside my name/username it will force me to surrender a certain degree of privacy and striking a balance between visibility and personal boundaries will turn into a matter of serious consideration. I have always said and maintained that my online persona is different from what I am when I log off or disable the data on my phone. The compulsion to project 2 different personalities is just unwanted peer pressure.

The tick definitely will separate the genuine me from impostors. Despite a really strong mental hold of my mind/brain, the comparison to others, the fear of rejection, and the constant scrutiny associated with building an online presence at some point do contribute to stress which I am dead against.

What happens to my blue tick when I fail to make the monthly payment?

In the past the tick used to mean that you were really somebody, today, it is presumably being pushed and pulled in the drain through monetisation. If I miss paying the said monthly charges, I will lose my legacy blue verification mark like Beyoncé, Ronaldo and many more celebrities faced.

Not just that If I don’t pay the subscription, I will not be allowed to protect my account’s security with two-factor authentication, or run ads. In short, if I don’t renew my blue tick charges month by month, I am not allowed to give them more money through their ad platform.

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In the quest for the blue tick, the dilemmas surrounding the verification idea are complex and multifaceted for me. Having a fair balance between authenticity, privacy, and the desire for credibility is a personal journey that requires careful consideration.

The third tick will serve as a tiara for me in the online aristocracy and will not ever make my account go anywhere near to the peasants’ group, as I already belong to the Elite category in the vast kingdom of social media because I have 2 ticks already.

The blue tick is expensive

The quest for verification is a tale as old as time – a whimsical journey filled with rejection, uncertainty, and a generous sprinkle of irony. As I traverse the landscape of photos, posts and hashtags, the blue colour is but a fleeting illusion and true greatness lies in the unverified hilarity of my online antics. Now going forth, to all the noble jesters of the internet, and may my posts, stories, and words be forever unburdened by the weight of a tiny, inconspicuous, and utterly expensive blue tick!

If Instagram’s algorithm decides to acknowledge my presence and insists on treating my account as pious, it would land me in a predicament. Just thinking how it would be if Michelangelo had painted the Sistine Chapel with a blue checkmark on God’s finger if he had the chance. Nevertheless, I am prepared to embrace the verification as a birthday gift, free from financial obligations or conditions.

My accomplishments, fame, and contributions to my industry have earned me respect and recognition, and they will continue to do so, whether I have that blue tick beside my name/username.

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