Simple Kitchen Ingredients For A Glowing Skin

Our kitchen is full of natural ingredients which can make our skin healthy and radiant. Read on to find simple home-made ingredients for a glowing skin.

Our kitchen is full of natural ingredients which can make our skin healthy and radiant. Read on to find simple home-made ingredients for a glowing skin.

Perfect we are not, but through a program of self improvement of skin care, nutrition and exercise we women can make use of the most of what we have. Every woman is born with a desire of having a beautiful skin. Today there are numerous products which are reasonable and can turn any ugly duckling into a fairy for a day or two. But, what about the rest of the days? The best way to always look attractive is to opt for the natural methods.

We can start maintaining a healthy skin using natural products from the kitchen as most of the homespun skin recipes are available in the kitchen. Natural home care treatment can play a crucial part in your life. What you eat also goes a long way in giving your skin a natural boost. The daily intake of water should be very important to ensure that your skin has a natural glow. Just step into your kitchen now to grab the products given below with their easy preparation steps. I am sure as you start using these products; very soon you will find your skin radiant and healthy.

Camphor:  An aromatic substance obtained from the wood of a tree, when applied to the skin it produces cooling effect and dilates the blood vessels. It has healing, soothing and tightening effect on the skin. Camphor oil is used in cosmetics because of the low percent of safrole in it. To improve your skin and cure spots it should be applied twice a week along with oatmeal, teaspoon of orange fruit water or with tomato juice/honey. It works as an effective skin toner. Apply for 15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

Almond oil: Almond oil is extracted from the dried kennels of almonds. It’s nourishing properties makes it a valuable skin element. It’s widely used for skin tightening, skin lightening and when regularly used it clears the skin, making it soft. The oil penetrates and pampers the skin wonderfully. Almond oil along with enough water to make it a paste can be applied for 20 minutes for smoothness of the skin. Ground almonds, pinch of oil, rose water and honey paste brings glow to your skin if applied on the face daily for 15 minutes.

Honey: Honey holds great importance in the beauty industry. It softens and heals the skin tissues and gives moisture to skin. 3 tablespoons of honey, little oatmeal and a spoon of cream makes a good face pack. For dry skin, honey, lemon, vegetable oil makes a good moisturizing face pack.

Papaya: Papaya helps in reducing effects of stress and strain. It acts as an exfoliate agent, removing dead cells and peeling away dry skin. Raw papaya juice has anti-bacterial properties and is used for skin problems of corns, warts and acne. Papaya is a good natural healing agent for skin burns. Mash one small papaya, add a tablespoon of sandalwood till it turns into a pulp and blend both to make it a paste. Apply this all over the face and neck for 20 minutes twice a week for natural glow. Multani mitti (fuller’s earth) can also be added to the same mix.

Shampoos now can be made at home by mixing glycerine, light oil and mint tea bags. The ingredients for conditioning hair include olive oil, avocado and coconut milk, since they have the same moisturising and nourishing properties as in facial treatments. Apply the mixture after shampooing and leave on the hair for about 15 minutes before rinsing off.

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Another cheap kitchen beauty remedy that has many merits is the milk bath. Milk has a high level of lactic acid that exfoliates skin by loosening the proteins that hold dead skin cells. Lactic acid is particularly important for acne prone skin.

3 times per week, crack a raw egg into a bowl, whisk, apply to the face, wait for 10 minutes and then gently rinse off with a warm cloth. Eggs are full of moisturizing, pore tightening, and anti-inflammatory skin ingredients, such as protein, omega 3, fatty acids, B vitamins and zinc.

Lemon juice is in almost everyone’s refrigerator, but usually sits unused until the occasional food or beverage recipe calls for. A natural anti-bacterial, lemon juice is 8% citric acid, which lends its ability as a natural skin lightener and complexion brightener, as well as lightens dark spots and acne scars. It can also remove excess soap, dirt, and oil from the skin, and act as a natural astringent. Since lemon juice can be irritating to the skin, for individuals with sensitive skin, it’s best to rinse immediately after application.

These are inexpensive treatments for your skin. So, go ahead and give your skin a natural treat every day and within a short time you will surely notice the differences.

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