I Won’t Force My Wife For A 2nd Pregnancy, Maa, Just ‘Coz You Don’t Want An Adopted Granchild!

You know all the complications throughout my pregnancy and delivery. It was not easy for me, it still is not. I have not been in the best of my health since my delivery. I am not ready to be a biological mother again.

“You are back? Come to me Beta, come here. Tell me what happened there. How did you like little Adhira? Did she smile at you?”, the otherwise uninterested in socializing mother-in-law Naina asked Ayaan. All this excitement redirected the conversation to “Having a Second Child”, again. And this was not the first time! Trupti looked at Deepak and he did not react to anything and chose to walk to the bedroom instead. Trupti gave him a glass of lemonade to Ayaan to cool down from the scorching noon heat and asked him to have it on the dining table.

She took the TV remote to reduce the volume of the TV, sat quietly next to Naina, and said, “Mummyji, I understand your excitement, I can decode all your hints. We never discussed this topic and now that Ayaan is being involved in the scheme, I thought we should have a conversation around this. I have a sibling, I know they play a crucial role in my growing years. But, I am not ready to be a mother again. You know all the complications throughout my pregnancy and delivery. It was not easy for me, it still is not. I have not been in the best of my health since my delivery. I am not ready to be a biological mother again.”

Naina was quiet, after a while she replied, “It’s all in your head. You should give it a try at least.”

Trupti was very determined and patiently said, “There is no point in trying Mummyji. I am not ready for it, mentally as well as physically.”

“You met Sneha’s daughter Adhira na? Don’t you feel like you should also have a daughter? Raising a girl is a different experience. To dress them, doll them up. I have lived it, I have been blessed with Komal. I feel you should not miss it.” Naina was quick to react.

Trupti smiled and looked at her, “Tell me one thing Mummyji. Who is going to guarantee it will be a girl? We both wanted a girl in the first place. But it turned out to be Ayaan. What if we try and it a BOY, again?”, Trupti paused, “I know a full-proof solution to our problem. I think we should adopt a baby girl. That way we will have two kids and we can also be sure of the child being a girl.”

“Do you think it a JOKE?”, Naina responded furiously, “Deepak… Deepak…”, she screamed at the top of her voice. “See what Trupti is saying. She wants to adopt a second child. Your generation wants everything ready-made and instant. Food, clothes, children… Who are you going to adopt? How will you make sure of the background? Will you be able to love her like your own child? Will everyone accept the relationship, it won’t be the same blood. How are you going to deal with it?” Naina was clearly upset with Trupti’s idea.

“Have you lost your mind, Trupti? I told you we would talk to Ma about this. Later. This was not the right time”, said Deepak in an irritated tone.

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“Time is never right Deepak. We had to talk on this topic, now or later. It is not about ready-made child Mummyji. I am fully aware I am not physically well at full capacity. We have researched and a couple of orphanages do assist and encourage legal adoption of children. Not sure about the background, but a heart full of love and an intention to give her a home, family, and better future is enough I think. Before society, I think you will have to accept her. Ayaan is 5.5 years old now, we may disclose the adoption part to him later, I am sure he would be overjoyed to have a sister irrespective of how! When he has an affectionate bond, his love for her will make him easily get over the adoption part. Our family has seen so many ups and downs in blood relation happening by adults, that we should not be doubting an infant. Eventually, she will be the way we raise her.”

Trupti pauses, sips lemonade, and continues, “We do not want to do anything without your consent. We will wait till we convince you” she concluded.

“So you knew all of this already Deepak?”, asked Naina in an assertive tone.

“Yes, Ma. We have discussed this multiple times. But Trupti does not wish to be a biological mother again and I don’t want to force her. She will be impacted the most, she has the right to decide. I respect that, and if you say no, we won’t proceed further. But in that case, you also please try not to dig into this topic in the future,” Deepak says softly rubbing her palm and patting it in the end.

Naina does not react or respond. She may be thinking about it. Well, let us assume so!

Image source: a still from short film Ghar ki Murgi

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