A Personal Experience Taught Me Why A Pad In The Bag Is Worth It!

Folks in my office started calling me “pad lady” - Here’s the interesting story of how I got this unusual tag

On a random day in January 2015, I reached the office and found some of my colleagues in a state of chaos and panic.

A girl got her period and she was looking for a sanitary pad. Unfortunately, no female employee had a pad that day. The medical room also had only the cover of the packet, the last pad being given a day before. There was no sanitary pad vending machine as well in the washroom. A pharmacy store was 1-1.5 kilometers from the office premises.

All were waiting for the lady who they often mockingly called ‘the pad lady‘ because they were sure she would have it. Her shift started at 12.15 pm and it was 12.10.

That day too, the girl was desperately waiting for the pad lady to come. She stood near the lift so that she could meet her immediately and ask for a pad.

And never before have I felt so valued! I got out of the lift and gave her the pad.

I got a celebrity’s welcome

The moment I entered the floor I felt like SRK from K3G, with everyone asking me if I had given the girl a pad. I responded in the affirmative and explained that the girl had gone to the washroom immediately. My colleague, who sat next to me asked, “You are 6 months pregnant, why do you still carry a pad? I mean you don’t even get periods, then why?”

I sat on my chair, took a sip of water, and replied, “Because I was also in a situation like her, or say worse than her.” Turning my system on, I continued, “I came to Pune in 2008 for my engineering admission with my dad. We got the admission done. The first day of college was in a week so were returning the same night to get my packing done. We were about to board our bus back to Khamgaon when our local help noticed my stained denim. He asked me to get down immediately and took me to a medical store, bought a packet of pads and started looking for a public washroom. We usually have them near the bus stops. Luckily, we found one easily. Soon, we boarded the bus and left.

“I sent him a thank you text message shortly after. My date was no way close, it may have been that because of all the stress and anxiety at that time, that I got my periods early. From that day, I decided to carry one pad in my bag daily. I have about 3-4 handbags that I use frequently, and each one of them has one pad in it. Because situations like these happen. And unfortunately, we still only whisper about it as if it were a contagious disease. It is a monthly occurrence that is natural.”

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I know because I have been there

The girl had just returned from the washroom. “How do I thank you? I would have to go back home today. Actually, it was not even my date, I have my wedding next month so maybe because of all the stress and anxiety,” she said, her voice trailing off.

I smiled and replied, “Yes, dear, I know! It happens. Now that all is well, let’s get back to work!”

The period is not a pillow-talk topic. I feel happy to see open discussion happening around it, but I wish there were measures taken towards the same. I am no longer a working woman, but I recommend companies set up vending machines inside ladies’ washrooms so that situations like these do not happen.

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