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The Farce

When you try to kiss me, my eyes shall be wet with tears. When you come near me, my whole body shall be shivering. But I shall carefully hide all my emotions.

The thought of your coming

Makes me feel so awkward now,

I really don’t know

What will I talk to you-

I can’t even say

If I can share the same bed!

Well, I know that you are coming

Either to meet your gen next

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Or to keep up the farce

That we are still a couple,

But I can’t help the dryness

In all my limbs

Which once used to be flowing with blood

And huge doses of enthusiasm

Just on hearing your footsteps,

Even if you had gone for a few minutes!

Maybe, I shall keep on the farce

For I don’t wish the gen next

To face any disturbances,

But as far as you are concerned,

I am dead, completely dead.

When you try to kiss me,

My eyes shall be wet with tears,

When you come near me,

My whole body shall be shivering,

But I shall carefully hide all my emotions

In the bucket of my heart,

For I don’t want you to see

Any of my vulnerabilities any more.


I refuse to be judged,

And our togetherness is over.

It’s a farce, and I will play along,

Till the game gets finally over!

Image source: CanvaPro

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Neelam Saxena Chandra is an Engineering graduate from VNIT and has done her Post Graduation Diploma in IM&HRD and also in Finance. She has completed a summer course in Finance from London School of read more...

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