10 Indian Women HR Leaders You Must Know About!

Have you ever wondered who are the top 10 Indian women HR leaders who are shaping our economy? Fret not, we have a list for you!

10 Indian Women HR Leaders You Must Know About!

Human resource is civilization’s greatest strength. Without the physical and mental skill-sets of humans, we as a society wouldn’t progress! Manpower, for lack of a gender-neutral term, has been the key factor behind any advancement.

More than often, to utilize and enhance, this infinite resource of people’s power, we need help from people’s leaders! These leaders are the bridge between a worker’s personal goals and an employer’s ambition. In the modern world, a company cannot function and profit without keeping in the interest and welfare of its employees!

The HR department, or human resource management team, has often been mistaken as the place for grievances and recruitment, thanks to its biased portrayal in popular media.

The function of the HR department is to keep the communication between employees and employers smooth, address violations of codes and ethics of the workplace and provide help and resources to anyone in the company who is in need.

Who are the top Indian women HR leaders?

The history of the rise of human resources management and later departments became more defined and easier to understand when various Management schools began offering MBAs in this subject. Managing humans, who are all differently wired and yet have common interests and aspirations, is not an easy task!

HR leaders have to constantly negotiate, manage, research and come to a common ground, which will serve the best results for all!

In India, HR leaders have an extremely crucial role in helping a company run without glitches and controversies! Have you ever wondered who the top Indian women in HR leaders who are shaping our economy?

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Gauri Das

10 Indian Women HR Leaders You Must Know About

 VP and Head of HR, India Factoring Pvt.Ltd

Gauri is a strategic, Multi-Award-Winning HR leader with 16+ years of experience in crafting and aligning HR strategy with business goals. She has been recognized with multiple awards.

Naina Bahadkar

Group Chief HR Officer, Dynamix Group

Highly skilled HR professional, offering more than 19 years of experience, has also been awarded the Women Chief Human Resources Officers – 2022.

Chetna Gogia

10 Indian Women HR Leaders You Must Know About

Chief Human Resources Officer, GoKwik

HR Professional with a total of 19+ years of experience, she focuses on objectives transforms vision into effective organizational processes, & influences employee behaviour.

Kanchan Banerjee

Chief Human Resources Officer, Manyavar Mohey

She has been associated with some of the biggest firms in India, now Vedant Fashions Ltd. Her key competency lies in the ability to partner with Business functions.

Namrata Gill

Vice President-HR, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

With over 2.5 decades of experience in hiring, managing and developing talent, she was the IWLF Women Leader in HR, in 2014.

Preeta Saxena

Human Resources Director, Teachmint

HR professional with proven expertise in Corporate HR and Headhunting roles in domestic and international markets.

Urvi Aradhya

Chief Human Resources Officer, K Raheja Corp

She has been instrumental in inducting the choicest talent pool and integrating best people practices at K Raheja Corp, leading the group’s human resource function as CHRO.

Upasan Kohli Arora

MD & CHRO, Brickred Systems India Pvt Ltd.

A highly personable, results-oriented-born leader with 16 years of experience, Upasana brings a wealth of hands-on experience to her leadership role.

Chithra Thomas

Human Resources Leader, Tesla India

Chithra has 18+ years of experience in human resources and is well-equipped with knowledge and practice over time. She is the country HR leader of Tesla India.

Ira Gupta

Human Resources Head, Microsoft India

Ira leads HR for Microsoft across India. Ira is also an Independent Director on several boards of companies in India.

In conclusion

Are you impressed by their achievements? Being an HR leader is an easy task, are you inspired to follow in their footsteps? Let us know what are your thoughts!

For March, we are featuring, women leaders and pioneers from different industries! If you know someone who deserves to be on our list, please let us know!

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