Gowomania Celebrates 6 Years Of Empowering Women Entrepreneurs In Goa

Gowomania, the dynamic platform supporting women entrepreneurs in Goa, is celebrating its 6th anniversary.

Gowomania, the dynamic platform supporting women entrepreneurs in Goa, is overjoyed to celebrate its 6th anniversary. On this momentous occasion, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and salute all the Goan Women Entrepreneurs associated with us.

Their indomitable spirit, self-reliance, and determination have paved the way for their remarkable success. Gowomania takes great pride in fostering unity, sisterhood, and celebrating the outstanding achievements of these inspiring women.

Recognizing endeavours: announcing the 6th edition of Business Awards

As we cherish the zeal and enthusiasm of women entrepreneurs in Goa, Gowomania is delighted to announce the “6th Edition of Business Awards.”

This prestigious event aims to appreciate and recognize the tireless efforts and determination of our Gowomania community.

A journey of empowerment: from social media platform to business enabler

Gowomania embarked on its journey on June 14th, 2017, as a robust social media platform dedicated to encouraging and uplifting women entrepreneurs in Goa. Over the years, Gowomania has provided a solid foundation for more than 12,000 women, uniting them through a shared sense of purpose and solidarity.

The pillars of Gowomania, comprising Madhumathi Devi, Moksha Kotian Sirsat, Kusha Nayak, Nazni Salfras Khan, and Jasmine D’souza, have played a pivotal role in creating a persuasive team focused on building together and growing together.

Through a wide range of initiatives, including offline and online workshops, skill development programs, and talent exhibitions, Gowomania has empowered over 5,500 women entrepreneurs.

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By establishing fruitful collaborations and networks across states, Gowomania has become a catalyst for success, providing a platform for women to showcase their talents and expand their businesses.

Adding value: recognition and expansion

Gowomania Celebrates 6 Years of Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Goa

Gowomania’s relentless efforts have earned appreciative recognition from esteemed platforms such as Times Entrepreneurs of Goa, National Women’s Parliament, and Goa@60.

This recognition has further enhanced the value and impact of Gowomania’s initiatives, driving the mission to new heights.

Empowering through collaboration: The Women Entrepreneurs Business Network (WEBN)

To foster a 360° entrepreneurship and leadership ecosystem for women entrepreneurs in Goa, Gowomania initiated the first Women Entrepreneurs Business Network (WEBN). This pioneering network has been instrumental in stimulating the growth of small-scale businesses owned by Goan women entrepreneurs.

In just four years, WEBN has propelled Goan women entrepreneurs to new heights, resulting in a remarkable benchmark of approximately 6.25 crore rupees in business value.

Expanding horizons: goenkart app and vocalizing local products

Building on its success, Gowomania has sprouted another seed of triumph—the Goenkart app. This innovative digital platform serves as a conduit for promoting locally made Goan products by women entrepreneurs throughout India.

By amplifying their voices and expanding their market reach, Gowomania empowers women to flourish and thrive.

From inspiration to education: the Goa Gowomania trust

Driven by the desire to bring about fundamental change, Gowomania established the Goa Gowomania Trust in 2021.

This initiative aims to influence and educate girls and women in rural areas, providing them with substantial guidance and accurate resources to help them realize their dreams and aspirations.

This year, Gowomania will pay tribute to exceptional women from diverse sectors who have left an indelible.

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