3 Must’ve ‘Gen Z Professional Clothes’ For Work Wardrobe!

What are the various ways to style your workplace attire? Here are 3 must've Gen Z Professional Clothes in your work wardrobe.

What are the various ways to style your workplace attire? Here are 3 must’ve Gen Z Professional Clothes in your work wardrobe.

Brainstorming every day about what kind of clothes you would want to wear to work when you want to stand out and break societal norms is quite exhausting.

Belonging to Gen Z, I can safely say that there is a certain type of boldness in the way we dress to work, which clearly shows the desire to not just ‘fit in’.

How one dress up for work has become an important means of self-expression for Gen Z and younger millennials.

Gen Z professional clothes are all about self-expression

In my belief, the way a person dresses up or does their makeup reflect their personality, and today’s generation consecutively comes up with innovative and stylish yet elegant and comfortable ways to dress a simple piece of fabric for both professional and personal use.

However, with more and more people exploring new and authentic ways to style their workplace attire, the existence of traditional formal wear is receding.

As both manufacturer and consumer of these clothes are aiming at comfort and functionality over stiff appearance or rigid formality; our taste in professional clothes are looking for balance.

Gen Z professional clothes are the right blend of fun and professional!

With Athleisure pants replacing formal trousers and pencil skirts missing as a workplace ensemble, we cannot ignore how the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a significant change in the thinking patterns of individuals.

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Ayushi Gudwani, the founder of FS life in an interview said, “lockdown resulted in a lot of online content consumption, so, therefore, people have gotten more sense of style sensibility and fashion orientation in the past 3 years, which wasn’t the case earlier, so that resulted in a lot more focus on being experimental in nature” she further added “, because of COVID-19, most of the work was work from home and when you work from home the idea is not only to work but also perform household chores in parallel, so ensuring comfort also became necessary.” 

For the younger generation coming to the workforce, who have been exposed to social media and newer brands and trends for a good period of time, have inherently a different fashion style.

I personally believe TikTok and Instagram Reels did have a major role to play in influencing the psyche of people. The way social media influencers showed how easily you can style your clothes (which are comfortable as well as in ‘trend’), it was definitely really tempting to try it out at least once.

What are the 3 must’ve?

The fashion statements that used to be ‘trendy’ for a now 30-year-old might not be the same for every individual from today’s generation, as it’s not their ‘vibe’.

However, there still are people who continue to prefer simple, basic and easy-to-put on office outfits.

Simple and elegant

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If you are in a time crunch and finding a way to look simple yet bold, this style is perfect for you.

Workplace attire requires us to keep our ensemble subtle and avoid any kind of ‘flashy’ attire.

A black tapered pant with a tucked in dark-coloured V-neck cardigan paired with some light golden accessories provides a very classy look and will instantly enhance your look without compromising your movability.

The classic office look

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Meetings with clients and stakeholders require us to go for the classic formal look. A plain white or striped tucked in shirt styled with minimal accessories is a perfect and a decent look for a formal meeting.

And if your shirt is long enough, you can simply just style it with skinny jeans or shorts and make it more like a shirt dress. On the other hand, in winters you can layer it as much as possible.

Comfort over anything!

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If an outfit I am wearing to work is not comfortable for me (doesn’t matter how fashionable it looks), I will be in the most irritated mood the entire day.

And I believe almost every other person today would choose to wear more comfortable outfits to work which would not restrict them from carrying out their routine workplace activities.

One of the most comfortable and simple workplace attire would be to style your plain bodysuit with any of your Riona pants, because the cuts in the pants, helps to accentuate your hips and waist.

In conclusion: choose what feels right!

Undoubtedly, Gen Z is revolutionizing the workplace not only in terms of dress codes, but also in general with their out-of-the-box thinking and radical ideas.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have also relaxed their rigid rules of dress codes after reflecting on the consequences of the pandemic on the thought processes, attitudes and behaviour of people.

In my view, an individual should be able to dress in a way in which they feel comfortable, and they feel they are being ‘themselves’.

Even after belonging to generation Z, I most of the time fail to relate to the styles that are being followed, hence sometimes I choose to revert to traditional styles, which makes me feel confident and comfortable.

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