We Wear Makeup With The Conviction To Look Confident

What actually matters about wearing makeup is: confidence and comfort. If one feels comfortable and confident after contouring their face then, we should do it, it is our style and our preference. And no one has the right to mock us!

There is a saying by a Roman playwright, Plautus, “A woman without paint is like food without salt,” and didn’t he hit the nail right on the head?

Let’s suppose, those fair cheeks would look so wonderful if it were to turn rosy with a highlighter and blush. Those dark eyes would be so mesmerizing with a little liner and mascara. The lips would cast a spell with a little dash of gloss or lipstick. Surely, it would.

People, generally, are sceptic towards girls who wear makeup.

Girls just can’t exist in peace, a troll is always there to mock their hobbies

Recently, there have been a lot of memes and jokes on social media on girls wearing makeup. They are getting trolled for farding [the act of applying makeup] and displaying their talent on different platforms.

So, why is wearing a good foundation or using primer a problem now?

Men say that they like natural beauty however, they always end up with artificially enhanced demeanour which is fine, no doubt.

After all we are all human, and it is our human nature that the first thing we actually notice about a person is their APPEARANCE and later on, we pay attention to the behaviour, character, thoughts and abilities.

Anyway, we are not here to talk about what others think about our makeup especially, the male counterparts, we are actually here to talk about what we, women and girls think about it.

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What actually matters is to be confident and comfortable. If one feels comfortable and confident after contouring their face then, we should do it, it is our style and our preference.

Makeup is a choice, not a mating call

It is just a girl’s choice, if she is putting some effort to enhance her existing beauty and conceals her blemishes. A lot of times, boys discuss with each other about their female friends like, “She is so gorgeous,” and there is some presumably naive guy who replies, “She surely puts on plenty of makeup to seem that pretty!

Yes! So what? She wears makeup along with her conviction to look more confident.

On the other hand, we see Bollywood stars donned in glamour most of the time, which makes them far more good-looking than their original non-glamourised selves and brighter than their real complexion.

Ordinary girls’ makeup skills need to be appreciated

The society accepts the gorgeously made-up images of celebrities and men go bonkers for actresses at one glimpse, yet, utter no mean statements hence, ordinary girls also should be appreciated for their makeup skills and interests.

Why should they face these scratchy comments of, “She looks like she has undergone plastic surgery, she looks extremely fair or makeup ki dukaan” etc.

Women don’t bother about men’s beard or long hairstyles. When a woman sees her partner without beard, sometimes they might feel, “My partner looks more of a school boy than an adult,” because men also look different with beard and without it. Right?

Makeup is a confidence booster!

A woman using cosmetics doesn’t mean she needs recognition because even without it, she deems to be charismatic. Cosmetics only augments them to look more confident.

And, who doesn’t like to be elegant in this world? Believe it or not, we all crave to be considered as presentable. We all live to please this judgemental society at some point in our lives.

Image Source: Lucas Pezeta via pexels, free on Canva Pro

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