Curves May Be ‘Fascinating’ But Is That All There Is To A Woman?

When a woman does not fit into the 'beauty standards' set by society, why do we focus on the extra few pounds instead of understanding the struggles she goes through, and reduce her to just her body?

Not all women feel confident about their body weight and the curves that come with it. On one hand, you can find some women happy with their curves, accepting them as a part of their bodies. On the other hand, some women might even want to cut the extra flesh off from their bodies because it comes with the tag “extra”- that extra pound, an extra inch, and so on!

Don’t you all think that curves are beautiful? I feel that chubbiness is gorgeous too.

Our typical idea of an attractive body type is a perfectly “slim” one. However, in a world filled with fitness freaks and slim beauties, we must normalize showing off our not-so-thin arms through unruffled sleeves. Appreciate the big thighs, the bloated stomachs, and double chins, an “imperfect” shape altogether. It is and always will be immensely attractive, making anyone fall for you. Women must display confidence and maturity no matter how their bodies are built.

Why do we make overweight women feel lesser?

Our society has set some useless criteria for a woman’s body. A slim girl is considered “normal”, and people praise her for her fitness. But the same people reduce a “chubby” woman to just that – her body! She isn’t noticed for the person she is but instead made to feel odd about her own body. She is made to feel insignificant about herself.

Overweight women always feel bullied and ridiculed. They feel vulnerable because, out of nowhere, on any occasion and at any place, ‘the bothering aunty’ can fire a bullet with the question – “Are you gaining weight?”!

A barrage of advice follows.

  • “Why don’t you walk every morning?”
  • “Drink warm lemon water everyday.”
  • “Quit ghee. It works!”

..the list is never-ending!

Isn’t this unfair?

I have not been able to understand even today, how when women reach ‘marriageable’ age, they are asked to focus on their weight while this rule does not apply to men!

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Parents start having nightmares about their overweight daughter and that she might get rejected in the ‘marriage market’. The same people who dare to reject a woman because of her weight then ask her to put on a few pounds just after she gets married, so that she can conceive a child.  The same advice follows when she is pregnant so she may deliver ‘normally’.

Curves do not automatically mean an unhealthy lifestyle

Curves are not always a result of overeating or an undisciplined lifestyle. For many women, the burden of balancing their career and personal lives is very high, leaving them little time to maintain a ‘barbie doll’ figure. And the stress adds to it all.

How can she even dream of having enough time to hit the gym to get that ‘beach body’?

Society does not allow a mother or a pregnant woman to choose her own clothes!

Societal norms dictate that a mother or even a pregnant woman loses the right to wear her favourite clothes to feel sexy – she now only has loose clothes to choose. Else she is judged heavily for ‘prancing around’ with a baby bump.

When a woman gives birth to a new life, her own priorities, appetite, body, and sanity go for a toss. As she goes about fulfilling her motherly duties, she often does not get to wear her favourite dress. She might have spent hours shopping for it so she can look gorgeous. She may have wanted to sparkle in her new and perfect attire but often cannot do so due to her insecurities.

Behind every imperfection in her body is a story

Behind a woman’s tears, there may be hormonal changes, PMS, and so many other health issues – but she still balances both her family and her career.

Give credit to her stretch marks – it’s a sign of procreation.

Give applause to her dark circles – it’s a sign of her hard work.

Give kisses to the wrinkles around her eyes – they are a sign of the care she shows to the people around her.

Give her what she deserves.

Don’t reduce her to her curves – see her for the gorgeous woman she is.

Image source: a still from the film Dum Laga Ke Haisha

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