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Neelu Mehto

Neelu (bethecaladrius) holds a Master's degree in Commerce and a Bachelor's degree in Education. She was a teacher for 5 years, now pursuing her career as a Salesforce developer in the IT sector. She believes that whatever we feel, whatever we think, we should express it through words which lead her to become a logophile. She likes to write quotes in her spare time.

Voice of Neelu Mehto

We Wear Makeup With The Conviction To Look Confident
We Wear Makeup With The Conviction To Look Confident

What actually matters about wearing makeup is: confidence and comfort. If one feels comfortable and confident after contouring their face then, we should do it, it is our style and our preference. And no one has the right to mock us!

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Curves May Be ‘Fascinating’ But Is That All There Is To A Woman?

When a woman does not fit into the 'beauty standards' set by society, why do we focus on the extra few pounds instead of understanding the struggles she goes through, and reduce her to just her body?

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