Why Is The Boycott Bollywood Hashtag So Powerful?

Dear actors, stop thinking of yourselves as stars. You are just doing a job. It is just like any other profession. That’s it!

Okay so after first ignoring the trend, and then mocking the trend, Bollywood has finally realized the power of this hashtag. Actually, not the power but they realized that actors, and producers are losing their command and charm over the common man whom they could easily fool before.

And now they have woken up to the shocking truth that the common man has caught on to their likes and deems their obnoxiously exorbitant salaries as unjustifiable. Their salaries are actually directly proportional to the fooling of the common Indian man!

So finally the actors (not stars please) whose primary duty (job profile)is to entertain have realized that they have to unite and speak up against this trend. 

No justification for your insanely high salaries!

Okay, fine, you have the right to voice your opinions, but first tell us why in this country your job should be the highest paying. Why can’t you be paid similarly to any other good job profile offers? Where is this money coming to you from?  Isn’t it the hard-earned money of the common man?

If they are getting to entertain themselves by spending a lesser amount (on OTT)  with content that’s relatable and makes sense, then tell me why would they want to watch you people dance on unrealistically glossy locations and backgrounds? Dancing on roads/around shiny green trees.

Facebook and Instagram are always encouraging their users to make reels. Why is that? Because they know that reels are highly entertaining to the common man and making reels is of course also pocket friendly literally. 

The theatre is just too expensive!

So tell me one good reason why should we go to those costs as a bomb place to spend on popcorn coke and cushioned seats! 

Isn’t this more entertaining? Popping a spoonful of homemade murmura namkeen with groundnuts, and curry leaves while sliding into our recliner sofas with that soft velvety throw under our feet. And those bright cushions behind our backs, watching rustic movies either in Hindi, English, Polish, French and regional Indian languages at a click of a remote button! That too in no makeup and no tight-fitting dresses! 

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After all, as you said entertainment is essential in human life, so we shall always watch movies. Us non-entertainers have realized this fact and have begun to expand our entertainment horizons, not just limiting ourselves to Bollywood movies now. There is so much variety of content available now.  Not the same old boring Bollywood format. You thought we are AI-enabled humans that will continue watching your sagas without a question. But not any more. 

You are forgetting we humans are actually in a race with AI. We think faster than AI.  Remember, Chacha Chaudhary ka dimag computer se tez chalta hai (Chaha Chaudhary’s brain works faster than a computer) I read this revelation 40 years back in those comics.

And if our brains were faster than computers then, you can well imagine how ahead we must be now!

We can make and watch our content

In India, our movies are a unifying factor and a conversation starter in unfamiliar environments. Now we don’t venture out into unfamiliar territories, for the Internet has connected the masses. My adult kids watch the same hilarious Instagram influencers on their mobiles that I watch in mine in the other room.

Why do we need a three-hour-long movie? Time is money now.

Yes, my dear actors, nowadays ‘time is money ‘for a common man also. And we humans now want to grab as much content in the limited time we have in our hands. I know even Instagram influencers have their shelf life, but then when every common man has the potential to turn into an entertainer, where is the shortage of entertainers?

So my dear Bollywood actors, if you want to emerge out of this trend of enlightenment that we common people have had during the pandemic, please come down to Mother Earth first! Stop thinking of yourselves as stars. You are just doing a job. It is just like any other profession. That’s it.

Stop calling yourselves heroes, you are just actors doing a job!

You are not heroes, as there is nothing “heroic” about you. There is nothing heroic that you have done by signing a film and getting crores paid for acting in it. We have real-life heroes in our country, let’s not make a mockery of this sacred word.

Please, dear actors, just go and visit the National War Memorial in Delhi and see how many Indian heroes’ names are engraved there.

Do not ever call yourselves a hero, even when acting out a real-life hero’s life. You will remain an actor, and we will applaud you for portraying the character correctly and respectfully. But still, the question comes back to why should you be paid such huge amounts of salary when the real-life heroes just make basic salaries just about managing to lead a decent, respectable life?

Should it not be the other way around?

Why should you be allowed to splurge all that excess money which you collect beyond your needs on not-so-respectable and illegal things like drugs etc?  

There should be a law fixing the salaries of actors. When we have fixed minimum wages in our country, why shouldn’t we have fixed maximum wages for actors and moviemakers? Won’t it balance out the huge gap between affluence and poverty in our country?

Don’t underestimate your audience

It was your dialogue only: “don’t underestimate the power of the common man.”

Did it ever occur to you when you voiced this dialogue that this may actually be a lesson to you one day?

So now that you have realized the power of the common man, do something to make the common man happy –

  • Do not earn so much out of our money.
  • Make your movie tickets less than 100 rupees.
  • Deliver good sensible content, something which you have been ignoring till now considering us to be less sensible, obviously.
  • And do not act like an entitled and privileged breed. Respect humanity. Practice equality.

Do not try to misguide our younger generation as if you are their leaders. Tell them openly that they shouldn’t follow you, that all the glitter, and glam is just made up and a sham. Show them your real side so that they know the truth and reality. 

Stop being the big boss of the planet! You and the common man are all the one status, inhabitants of this planet, to coexist equally.

If you follow all this, who knows the common man might think of reversing #BoycottBollywood!

Image Source: from wikipedia, edited on CanvaPro

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