Tips on grooming plus behaviour in gentle and feminine way

Tips on grooming and behaving in a gentle and  feminine way

  1. Choose feminine dresses like sarees ( it has worked for me best ) as it really accentuates your feminine side . Investing in beautiful designer blouses that flaunt your curves but not in a vulgar way has been my style . Essentially applying a small or medium size matching bindi and wearing loads of either matching / plain silver bangles makes me look very womanly .
  2. Growing your hair length can also be a good idea If it’s possible easily . I don’t recommend hair accessories as it’s too much . However how to flaunt open hair with the use of the right hair care chemical free products , is my mantra .
  3. Always wear kajal everyday to work . It clearly separates us from manly look . I am not in favour of applying makeup for my workplace but I wear kajal definitely. Very light shade of Lipstick yes I wear but I eat it up by lunch time so can’t advise you on that . However will separately share the list of chemical free brands that I use for my daily routine and for makeup .
  4. I don’t wear any fancy  Jwellery for work except a pair of beautiful ear studs that has gold work and a gold chain ( which remains hidden under my shirt ) . For me less is more in office as I deal with men as my subordinates but after office and on holidays or outings or parties I am always flaunting .
  5. Invest in good lingerie from good brands . I go for lacy patterns, padded  but not underwired . This makes me feel ultra feminine . Earlier I never did this and believe me ever since I started it , I fall in love with my mirror image every time
  6. Next is your footwear . I have switched over ( with great difficulty) from closed footwear in dark manly shades of browns and blacks  to open delicate looking ones in red , pink , white and blue shades although I still can’t stand on high heels so I have opted for comfortable heels . But footwear really makes a woman look and feel womanly if it’s the right one. Remember Cinderella slippers 😀..
  7. Next comes our gait and poise ..  the way we walk and stand in public speaks a lot about our personality and we begin feeling what we portray . I switch between manly poise to womanly one as per the surrounding I am in .
  8. When it comes to behaviour in public, I recommend not trying to overshadow our colleagues or friends every time even if we know that we are right . Sometimes acting dumb plays a lot in people judging as someone who lets others come forward . Not criticising , coaxing , complaining about my peers / environment / relatives is my way of daily life .
  9. Last but not the least – not frowning over issues that are not in our control and instead wearing a harmless small soft smile on our lips is a beautiful way to flaunt our femininity.
  10. All the external softness and beauty for a woman post 45 years of age basically is an extension of her inner softness and beauty . What I practice for that is seeing two good points in everyone I interact with , seeking divine solutions to the challenges I get , expressing gratitude for the blessings of the almighty and living by the mantra – make best use of everything that I have got.


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