CC (Contraceptive Cosmetics)

Ok so i have grown up … no no …grown old actually 😀 with brand @forestessentials just because of two things –
1. I believed their marketing tactics blindly like blind love
2. On hanging my military boots , I had proudly declared to my blue boy that I will want to work again only to afford to buy this brand .

And then suddenly I became literate…
How ?
Because of influencers and my पास की नज़र का चश्मा 🤓 which God gifts us just at the right time along with the announcement of the dentist that I do not need the redundant wisdom tooth anymore coz my wisdom is now come out of my mouth and had spread around my bespectacled eyes !

So now I can read labels , minutely written ingredients including their % inscribed in unbold italics.

When my illiteracy exchanged itself with extraordinary wisdom , I realised even the high end so called organic brand like @forestessentials should mention all the ingredients at the back of their plastic containers of shampoos, conditioners,body lotions, face cleansers etc and that they should be sold in bottles .(yes it should be bottle and in india a bottle is काँच की बोतल , anything stored in plastic is called डिब्बा)

Plus the biggest scam about their expiry dates turned out exactly like my emotions . I am so good at hyperventilating- climbing up and then jumping off a moving roller coaster of hundreds of bad good worst emotions in just 24 days !

So expiry date ..can it be for 24 months unless you mix some preservative to keep
It safe from changing its colour, smell ,shape ,composition which they don’t even print but ink type so it fades away just as my false wrinkles without warning .

And preservatives are like bad relationships… their bad results shout out loud only after years of suffering in silence .

So with all my self tortured learnings , I hereby declare myself an ambassador of safe brand cosmetics who offer protection to my hair , face , pocket and heart like any contraceptive!! 😁

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