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9 Side Hustles From Home In India For Everyone

9 Side hustles from home provide you with the extra money that helps you with your finances! Here are a few good opportunities to consider.

The cost of living is on the rise, and it is always better to have a little extra in your bank account! Here is a list of 9 side hustles from home!

Last night, my friend took me out for a treat. We were celebrating for two reasons — her placement, and her side hustle.

Recently, a controversy arose regarding moonlighting — where the same individual worked at two places at once. A lot of debate followed, with sections either defending the idea or slamming it. But regardless, it brings to light a pertinent question about the pay-work ratio and adulting.

As an individual stationed outside their home city, I have always felt the restrictions of limited finances. All the earnings find their way out of our pockets in just clearing the bills. I have wished, often, that there was another option for earning some more money besides the routine 9-5.

And the good news is, there are! They are called side hustles, and they provide you with the extra money that makes your financial struggles a little less exhausting! Here are a few good opportunities to consider.

Affiliate marketing

The side hustle that is gaining rapid favour now is Affiliate marketing. The concept is really simple. You collaborate with a brand and promote its products or services on either your social media or your website. The more amount of products you sell, the more commission you receive as per agreement.

For companies to get you on board as an affiliate marketeer, you need to have a good number of followers on your socials and a public account. If your social reach is considerable enough, only then would a brand want to share its commission with you.

Online translator

Globalization has opened up avenues that are beyond our reckoning. One of those boons has been languages. Owing to such a scenario, one of the most demanded professions that have come to be now is that of a language translator.

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It is a side hustle that pays you handsomely. If you are fluent in more than one language, then you can apply as a translator with any NGO, language-oriented organization, or a media company that seeks content translation.

You can also apply to be a translating intern in any editing or publishing house.

Online teacher

Remember all those phone calls from your friends (and non-friends, alike) just before exams, begging you to explain them chapters or concepts? Well, if you have been one of them, this is the perfect side hustle for you.

A number of ed-tech companies prefer hiring online tutors to expand their business. On the other hand, students and parents, alike, are turning to technology for help with their lessons.

Simultaneously, it also gives teaching experience to the ones who wish to pursue the academic line. Hence, this is one of the best options to consider earning those extra few rupees.

Social media management

Social media is now the best available way to reach out to the most amount of people. Hence, companies prefer having a strong presence on such platforms. As with any other technological invention, it works on a number of strategies that needs clear planning, thoughtful analysis, and consistency.

So if you have a knack for absurd, creative ideas that you think will be valuable to the companies that align with your interest, you can look into this job.

A multi-millionaire company would most likely look for a full-time employee. But for a side hustle, an Instagram small business account, or a Media house would be the best options to explore.

It’s a plus if you belong from a Marketing background!


There’s a saying in English. Having a fish memory means having a very short-term memory. And not just memories, studies have suggested now that our human attention span has come down to be the same as that of a Goldfish! Amusing, isn’t it?

Therefore, most news media portal now comes with an option of either video snippets, or audio narration of the news article. Because, our clocks are always running (it’s really the decreasing attention span that is to be blamed, but let’s all agree that it’s the time). These audio-video snippets need a lot of editing, and this is where the editors come in.

You can expect people to dump a lot of content on you, trust (or not) your aesthetic sense, cut and add those snippets to make a good bite out of it. Yep, that’s what your job description would look like.

Data surveyor

While scrolling social media, did you come across this frequent ad by the MyGlamm group, wherein it promises a free product upon completion of a survey? Well, that’s a brilliant strategy by the marketing company. But ever wondered what happens to those data once they are filled?

Not just the cosmetic brand, but several other companies have taken to online surveys because it is the way to hear what the customers demand— from customers themselves. The data collected then gets processed by surveyors hired by the company to gain insight and knowledge about the market, or review of their own products.

This is a good opportunity for a side hustle. It might get a bit tedious, working with a lot of data, but on the flip side, it brings in good money. So, if you are proficient with Excel, Sheets, and a lot of data, this might be for you!

Customer service

As the name suggests, you attend to your customers, tend to their queries, resolve their issues, and make their experience with your company a smooth one. Again, pointer. Big companies would prefer a permanent profile as their customer service employee.

But, if you are seeking this role as a side hustle, look for smaller companies. Even though the pay would be less, those platforms tend to provide greater scope for flourishing with your skills, and are more flexible with your work hours.

As long as you get the work done, and have good interpersonal skills, it’s a win-win for everyone!

Virtual Assistant

This is relatively a new concept in India. Our general understanding tells us that an assistant is someone who manages the administrative work of their employer. They manage emails, schedule appointments, plan travel arrangements, or make phone calls.

A virtual assistant does the same, except everything is virtual. As in, you do not have to run about in the entire office behind your boss. You can do all the jobs while being in the comfort of your house. Or can juggle this job as a side hustle to another.

This is a dream job for every individual who is driven by administrative tasks, and planning and organizing a team. It is new in India, therefore, might be difficult to look for one. But what’s the harm in trying, right?


With inclusivity being the pivot of society, most audio videos have subtitles to them. Or have written text available for download, in case it is an important subject. The role of a transcriptionist becomes important here.

Your job as one is to either type out a document from a recorded diction or a dubbed video. Sometimes, it also includes translations, as the media content is in one language, and you have to type it out in another language.

Here you either choose to join a company, or freelance on your own. But with limited work, it is good to pay, hence, it is one of those jobs which is gaining rapid favour in the country.

But as important as it is for you to earn the extra amount, do remember, that nothing comes before your mental health. Having to work two shifts will drain you out, and leave you all burnt out and fatigued. In order to avoid so, take control of your work, instead of letting it control you!

Image source for 9 side hustles from banner: Ketut Subiyanto, via pexels free and edited on CanvaPro

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