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An Honest Opinion On Why I Didn’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day Week

Being a rational individual, I never understood a valid and logical reason for celebrating these days. Shouldn't we celebrate love every day?

Do I find the initial days of this month a little annoying? I will be lying to myself if I say no, and from the title of this article you all can guess why! 

The month of love, February, is a time that many couples look forward to to spice up their relationship a little more and to create a more romantic atmosphere for each other; most of them also tend to follow the days preceding Valentine’s Day devoutly.

Personally, I never kept an account of any of these days, even while being in a relationship. And to be completely transparent I also find these ‘designated days’ a little annoying, especially when your WhatsApp status and Instagram stories are filled with such posts, and every advertisement around you, is rubbing it on your face. 

Love at the metro station

While returning from college on 14th February, my friends and I came across so many couples at every metro station carrying teddies, roses, chocolates for each other while walking hand in hand. And to be honest, during the entire metro ride on that day, my friend and I just talked about and wondered (in a fun way), what if they encountered their relatives in this metro? Or what did they tell at their homes after being so decked up? We talked about this because, anywhere we turned, there were lovebirds who engulfed themselves in PDA.

And honestly, I don’t have enough guts to lie to my parents and sneak out especially on Valentine’s day; and even if I do, my anxiety and overthinking will keep on barging at me with the thought ‘what if I get caught?’

Whenever I see a couple in a metro, where a man is leaning against the door and has put his other hand around his girlfriend, I am only reminded of Akash Gupta’s line, “isko protect karna, sirf mera kaam hai!(it’s only my responsibility to protect her). 

I just don’t know why watching so many couples around me (though I am happy for them), during this time, annoys me, maybe it’s the ‘single person’ in me. 

It’s all a little cringe!

I can never imagine myself confirming to teddy day, chocolate day, or rose day; I don’t even like teddies! However, if I want any of these things from my partner, I would  just simply ask for them on any day. Or even better,”I could buy myself flowers (Miley Cyrus supremacy).

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Moreover, bringing home teddies, roses, and chocolates near Valentine’s day, while being a girl in a brown household would be equivalent to taking the bull by the horns.

These days might be extremely special for a few people, which is fine, however, I believe they create unnecessary pressure on both partners to make the upcoming days ‘special’; which might lead to the setting up of high expectations from one another, and if not fulfilled, ironically, the days of love might turn into days of disputes.

I find these days to be a little trite and call me old school, but I would rather prefer and would love a rose and a little bit of pampering from my partner on an unexpected or gloomy day (as a surprise), than the days when it might be expected from the other person. 

If I have to use a Gen Z lingo to describe my feelings while I imagine myself celebrating any of these days, it would be ‘cringe’!

Moreover, being a rational individual, I never understood a valid and logical reason for celebrating these days. Shouldn’t we celebrate love every day? And is giving a soft toy or a flower the only way to showcase one’s love? 

The more hysterical part for me is the days following Valentine’s Day, about which a few people might be unaware. The days after Valentine’s day include; slap day, kick day, perfume day, flirting day, confession day, missing day, and breakup day. I don’t even know what perfume day is and why does it even exist? In fact, why do any of these days exist? Even the chronology does not make any sense. 

However, though I am not a big fan of these days, if celebrating these days makes a few couples genuinely feel happy, excited, and more connected to their partner, then I believe nothing else should matter. 

Image Source: Pixabay

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