For Me, Travelling Solo In Bus Is Better Than Flights

What can be the perks of travelling solo in bus? Well since the age of 18 I have been travelling alone, previously I preferred flights, despite all the hassles. Until I discovered bus services!

If you’re a frequent traveller, you might be aware of the recent drastic surge in the prices of the flight tickets. From the point of view of a travel enthusiast, who is still in her early 20s, this comes as a significant setback. Hence, one has little option but to turn to other travel alternatives to flight.

In a country like India, especially as a female solo traveller, the thought of one’s safety is bound to take a precedence over every other aspect. Consequently, when I excitedly revealed my plans of travelling in a bus from Hyderabad to Mumbai to my acquaintances, eyebrows were raised, and apprehensions were expressed.

But the interstate Volvo buses have always been my saviour. I think back and reflect.

All my bus journeys have been extremely comfortable, and safe

My parents always prefer the air-conditioned buses for safety and better crowd (I still don’t understand the logic between air-conditioners and having a nice crowd, but parents.) But, with or without ac, they are pretty comfortable. With a wide array of options to choose from, bus coaches are usually volvos that come in either seats, or sleepers. One can decide according to their preference. 

And the best part about my safety comes from the assurance that if I book a double-berth for my journey, my accompanying passenger would always be a female. This does take reduce considerable amount of anxiety, especially when one is travelling solo.

This is not my mistrust of the opposite sex, but a safety precaution. And they also come with a tracking link through which my parents can always track me, and the bus. Despite all the helps in the bus being male, I have never felt any discomfort. Rather, at times, they have helped me get safely down at a stop in an alien city.

The services are pocket-friendly and always on time (well, plus minus 1)

The highways have improved. Drastically. With kilometres stretching ahead of you, most of the journey is smooth. Hence, there is very little scope for a delayed journey. Most of the time that is lost during the picking-up of passengers is made up on highways. Limited time is allotted for the meals, too. 

Their punctuality is genuine. Reminds me of the time when my friends and I had already reached Wayanad, when our hotel pick-up van was yet to arrive!

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The services come at a pretty affordable price range. Like the time I saved Rs.100 per day for a month straight, and I was able to book a bus from Bangalore to Hyderabad, and back. Moreover, they also provide refunds, cut a certain amount, in case of last-minute cancellations (flights instead charge you!).

They’re less boring than flights!

While I agree, flying through the clouds can be a sight to behold, it really becomes monotonous after a point. Apart from a moment here and there of excitement, the journey becomes all about killing time, and getting impatient to reach the destination. 

But when the wise (wo)men say, it is the journey rather than the destination that is to be enjoyed, I listen. I prefer being on the road, closer to reality, on the other side of the glass, observing the usual. And travelling on the bus gives me exactly the joy that I seek. 

At this age, even though my safety is a concern, what also matters is my expenditure. When bus services are extremely reliable, safe, and comfortable, a bit of investment in terms of time can save me a lot of hassle. And who doesn’t love a good long drive?

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