Pseudo Victim Mentality Is A Blow To Feminism And Needs To Stop!

In a world where we strive to bring equality for women, using feminism as a weapon to play the victim card, that too a fake one is something that needs to stop.

Feminism is an ongoing movement to bring socio-cultural and economic equality for women with regard to all aspects of life. On a daily basis, women make an effort to get equal status that they deserve in this patriarchal society. And it is not easy. It is not easy to break stereotypes, break glass ceilings, and tenaciously make our voices heard!

However, there are a few instances that tarnish the efforts put in by numerous women on a daily basis. Two such instances happened recently that raised many eyebrows.

In one incident, a woman was seen slapping an e-rickshaw wala numerous times as the e-rickshaw touched past her car. Even if she had complaints, she should have complained at the local police station, but she grabbed rickshaw driver’s collar and went on slapping him without any second thoughts while he kept pleading sorry. She was later taken into custody for her unruly behaviour.

Another very condemnable incident occurred when a woman was seen giving vulgar and derogatory comments to security guards. She kept making very objectionable hand movements and kept saying that some women whom she probably knew, were mistreated for some reason by them. She held the security guards guilty and was seen attacking them by grabbing them by their collars! She was obviously taken into custody. It seems she was a lawyer!

I wonder what kind of education or upbringing leads to the development of such condemnable behaviour! Why take the law into your hand when as an educated person? Education that does not build character, be it for a man or a woman is futile at the end of the day!

A pattern of privileged women playing the victim

I noticed a similarity in both the incidents, the women were from well-to-do families, educated, and had all the modern resources at their disposal but they chose to play the pseudo victim card. One thing that I can never digest is when such women use words like “mother-fucker” or “sister-fucker”  so deliberately in a heated argument.

Is this habit of abusing so deep-rooted in our conditioning that we forget that we are abusing our own gender? Does giving out cuss words really make one seem updated? No, right? This needs to be debated enough and our young generation certainly needs to understand this.

Is this feminism in today’s modern world? One such act and the effort put in by the entire female community to gain equal status is questioned! Why can’t women, especially those who belong to the so-called ‘elite’ layer of society not think before slipping down the pedestal of grace & femininity?

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In a world where we strive to bring equality for women, using feminism as a weapon to play the victim card, that too a fake one is something that needs to stop. I appeal to the young women out there to take a moment and understand that breaking the laws of the land to seem cool is not okay, developing a brazen behavioural pattern and distancing oneself from grace & elegance is not okay. And despite having all resources, accusing and abusing others, just because you are a woman is certainly not okay!

Image source: Jen Theodore on Unsplash

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