Loving Adults — Love Is More Dangerous Than Its Reputation

The Danish web series Loving Adults, on Netflix, starts with a powerful fact—Almost all murders have something to do with love. Almost!

I am really impressed by the themes depicted in the web series nowadays. Most of the shows created are very relatable. The era we live in is complicated and confusing, and these series helps us explore the grim part of human relationships.

Our minds think beyond imagination, our actions are unpredictable, and we are ambiguous.

My article is inspired by the web series I saw recently, Loving Adults. The series opens with a disclaimer that reads in the start, “all the characters and events depicted are fictitious. Any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely coincidental”.

Similarly, the purpose behind writing this article too is to convey that my words are purely based on the web series and not on any real incident.

Love Is More Dangerous Than Its Reputation — Views On Loving Adults

Image Source: Netflix

People don’t want to love, people want to control

The Danish web series on Netflix, starts with a powerful fact, “Almost all murders have something to do with love. And it’s almost always about jealousy and passion.” Emphasis being on almost, and love.

Love has become more than a feeling, it has converted into craziness, stubbornness and obsession. And fictional depictions on different media mediums, lived stories and news around us have turned love into craziness. People don’t want to feel love, instead they want to control love.

The web series talks about a married couple with a 20-year-old son suffering from life-threatening illness, and the husband has an extra marital affair.

Love Is More Dangerous Than Its Reputation — Views On Loving Adults

Image Source: Netflix

Murder is a grave crime

The story revolves around the same, and at the end it leads to a series of serious crimes. I understand that cheating is awful, but killing someone is a bigger crime.

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Murder is a grave crime, far more serious in degree than cheating on a life partner.

People can’t accept rejection or losing to someone. Every day we witness certain bulletins with respect to this topic and sometimes the reasons are not justified.

Reading such topics is disturbing, but unfortunately this is the reality of life. As I mentioned earlier, our generation is really incomprehensible, and you can’t foresee what’s going on in one’s mind.

Jealousy is a double-edged knife

Jealousy has become very common. It is destroying lives daily. The web series were entertaining in the past, but today they have turned factual.

I really appreciate the mind of creators that through these web series they are helping us to become aware about the serious criminal and social issues of the society, as it says “prevention is better than cure”.

Image Source: Still from Loving Adults Trailer Netlix, Instants via Getty Images, free and edited on Canva Pro

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