Dear Husbands, If You Take Better Responsibility At Home, No Wife Will Need To ‘Nag’!

Interestingly, when a man asks a woman to do something for him, it's called a 'request' but if she reminds him of a chore not done it's 'nagging'!

Anyone who has been married or has been in a long term relationship must have heard these words more than often: “Please don’t nag.”

If you are a woman chances are that you hear it almost daily. Nothing hurts a woman more than hearing these words. It is similar to asking someone to calm down when they lose their temper, thus adding to their anger. No one really calms down on hearing “please calm down.”

The origins of ‘nagging’

When you are newly married or in the initial stages of a relationship, you don’t have to repeatedly ask your partner to do something for you. It’s like, “Your wish is my command”. Your wish is fulfilled at the drop of hat! Both basking in the marital bliss, even the most annoying things of your partner don’t bother you. However, a few months after marriage or being together, when these rose tinted glasses come off, one has to repeatedly ask the better half to do a task.

There’s often a joke which men tell in the context of tasks which shows their misogyny. It goes – If you ask a man to do a chore there is no need to remind him every six months!

Marriage bestows upon you the quality of selective hearing- you hear only what you want to – like those high end noise cancellation headphones! Men usually ignore most of the things said by women, leaving them frustrated, angry, and thus nagging. Women might either turn up their volume so that their request is heard or might lose their temper.

Nagging becomes an integral part of coupledom, and men learn to live with it!

Men, pick up that chore!

But have you ever wondered why women are always labelled as the nagging ones?

It might surprise you but most Indian men on an average spend less than 19 mins a day doing household chores as against women who spend many hours completing house hold duties! That explains why women are frustrated, irritated, and well, labelled as a nagger!

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No woman likes to be called a nag! It is a derogatory and annoying term which no woman would like to hear. Interestingly, when a man asks a woman to do something for him, it’s called a ‘request’ but if she reminds him of a chore not done it’s ‘nagging’!

If Indian men would spend more time doing household chores and provide a helping hand to their multitasking wives, there would be very little room for nagging, and more for appreciation and gratitude.

Dear men, instead of passing jokes and turning a deaf ear to your wives, if you pick up a fair share in doing household chores, you would definitely end up with a happy, content, and less ‘nagging’ partner. If only men knew this secret mantra!

Image source: a still from the series Aani Kay Hawa

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