Is ‘Happy Woman’ Really A Myth?

Men need to change their perspective towards women. Let us live the way we want and stop loading us with your expectations.

‘Happiness.’ One word with different meanings for different people. For some buying luxury items like a car brings happiness; for some achieving great heights in their job brings happiness; for some definition of happiness may be as simple as walking in the rain or enjoying a cup of tea watching the sunset. Different people. Different perspective.

But when the word ‘happiness’ is used in the context of women, a lot of humour surrounds it. Quotes like ‘it’s very difficult to make a woman happy’, ‘ a happy woman is a myth’, etc., are often heard especially from men. We daily get forwarded jokes on social media making fun of women. There is one whole monologue by a famous male actor making fun of women summarizing that “A Happy woman is a myth.” We all must have laughed out loud on seeing him ranting about women. But think about it. Is a happy woman a myth?

What exactly is the definition of happiness for women? It might differ from person to person but in all what every woman wants is respect and peace of mind. That’s what brings happiness to us. We, women, are loaded with so many expectations right from a very young age. We are burdened so much by these expectations that right from a very young age we tend to forget what we want. Right from childhood, we are constantly bombarded with how to behave, how to be graceful and how to behave like women. ‘Don’t laugh loudly you may attract others’ attention’, ‘Don’t wear shorts, minis people will give you a bad look’, ‘Don’t make noise while eating. Eat gracefully.’ These are just a few things of what is told to us. On the other hand, we see boys around us behaving as they wish because after all ‘they are boys. Who is going to judge them?’

We tend to grow up with a lot of expectations and strive to behave according to the social norms to make others happy. Get married at the right age to make your parents happy. If you marry have a baby at the right age to make your in-laws and parents happy. Who decides this right age? We? No. Never. It’s always others who take decisions on our behalf. If a girl is single, she will be constantly bombarded by parents and relatives to get married or else ‘log kya kahenge.’ If she refuses to marry and concentrate on her career then she gets a lot of dirty looks from the so-called society. Just because the girl decides to do what she likes something which is giving her happiness, she is labelled with different titles by the so-called sanskaari society.

Even if a woman decides to get married, the life partner should be of her parents’ choice. Because after all, that’s what will make your parents happy right? If you are lucky enough to choose your life partner that doesn’t mean you have achieved happiness. Marriage itself brings in a hell lot of responsibilities. Making others happy becomes the prime motto of every married woman. She strives day and night to look after her family and their needs, keeping aside what she wants in life. Think about this. How many of you have ordered something in a restaurant that you like? Isn’t it always about the choice of your life partner and kids? We tend to forget our choices and make our family our life. Our daily routine is just about how we take care of our family and fulfil their wishes. If still, a woman manages to keep some time for herself to pursue her hobbies or have just some ‘me time’ for herself she is called selfish. If the kids perform badly in their academics, a mother is to be blamed. If your husband is having health issues, you are to be blamed. After all, you didn’t take care of his diet and health! Not just family but society itself has so many expectations from us.

Nowadays we hear and read about so many crimes happening against women. ‘She was wearing a mini dress that’s why she was molested, ‘she was very casual and free while talking that’s why this happened with her.’ Like really? That’s what our society thinks. Slow claps!!!

It’s not us but it’s you people who need to change your perspective towards women. Stop loading us with so many expectations. Let us live the way we want. For just once let it not be about you all but only about us. Let us do what we like. Don’t judge us based on what we wear or how we talk.  Let us retain our individuality. Don’t forget before being a wife, a mother, a daughter,  a daughter-in-law we are a woman. Every woman should put herself first and then fit into all these roles. Then you people will realize a happy woman is not a myth!

Image Credits: Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels. 

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