I Have Found Motherhood Rewarding, Yet The Hardest Non-Paying Job…

Motherhood is not an easy job. I love being a mom and my children have taught me to be more patient, stronger and loving.

There is a cutie pie in my house. At times she is mean, she leaves the computer screen for hours, my mobile phone will be in her hand and only when I ask, I can get it. She leaves the light and fan switched on, forgets to switch them off, yet sometimes out of the blue, she appears and warns me to switch off the light and fan.

Another favourite activity of hers is to drop bread crumbs on the floor and remind me to clean it. She also forgets to wash the plate after eating food. But when I am sick, she comes to me saying, “Mama don’t worry, I will wash all the dishes today!” She forgets all the instructions I give her, but tries to make me happy when I am sick.

As she grew up, she learned to organize her toys, books, craft materials, crayons, and her favourite T-shirts and did not allow me to touch them. But she loves to mess up the cupboard, she loves creating more work for me. If the bed is neatly arranged, she will pull the corner of the sheet. Sometimes after a bath, the wet towel will be on the bed.

A never-ending job

We can say “a mother’s work is never done”, but can we mothers resign from this job? There is good as well as bad days in a mother’s life. There are so many responsibilities that come with being a mother. From the time when they’re babies in your arms to teenagers becoming more independent, you should be ready to help them.

The day I cook good dishes, it is so nice to see them smiling but on other days I have to see to it that I finish the leftovers. They would leave half-finished meals and go to school. There is not a single day where the meals were not prepared and I have to make sure they eat meals and drink milk before going to school.

During school days, I am sure all parents have tough days, the project of school work has to be neatly done, see to it that homework is done, make notes and work an extra mile so that they understand the concepts taught in the class. Make them study hard and not just sit with them to finish homework. I don’t force my children to take part in activities but I encourage them to be enthusiastic not to qualify but just give a try at least, to make sure that they don’t show reticence to any activities held in school. As a mother, you end up being stronger, wiser and prepared to face their victories or failures.

It is so much more

A mother’s work is far more than looking after the physical well-being of a child in the family; waking them up early in the morning, making sure there is good healthy food, clean clothes, and fresh bedsheets, of getting them to buy what they need in the right time, wiping snotty noses, toilet training, getting dental check-ups and organising all their stuff.

The journey of motherhood is not that easy. I love being a mom because of their hugs, the naughtiness, giggles, and the grins. They amaze me every day with their new words and discoveries. They have taught me to be more patient, strong and loving.

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As the days pass by, my children are growing up, no more yelling at them, no disruptions, no hunting for lost things, no more bread crumbs lying on the floor, everything is running perfectly. They learned to clean the room, take clothes to the laundry for washing, make their bed, and love to tell school stories.

We may not get the praise or thanks we crave, but we know how important a mother’s work is even if no one else sees it. Motherhood is a lifetime adventure, the hardest non-paying job, and I think it is the greatest achievement of every mother! You will feel completely on top of the world when they give you the tightest hug and tell you… “I love you. You are the best.”

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