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Vegetarian Men, Non-Vegetarian Women & Vice-Versa

Recently, a newspaper clipping went viral on social media where a man wrote to an columnist about his wife choosing meat over him.

Recently, a newspaper clipping went viral on social media where a man wrote to an columnist about his wife choosing meat over him.

Since she was very beautiful, I agreed to marry her on the condition that she will never have mutton again anywhere,” the man wrote. “Now she says she love mutton and can’t live without it,” the husband complained. The man continued that he has decided to forgive her for her wrongdoings once, and has given her an ultimatum: “It’s mutton or me”.

However, the distressed man wrote to the columnist that he fears that his wife may choose mutton over him.

The columnist’s reply was even more hilarious. He stated that this is the first time they have come across such a situation where the love triangle is between the husband, wife, and goat.

The columnist’s replied saying, “Dear Pure Veg, Congratulations, you just set a new record. This is the first love triangle where a girl has to choose between a man and a goat. As for who she will choose – one can live without love but not without food. Take a guess.”

While 80 percent of marriages today are intercast marriages, mostly the women have to adhere to the husband’s choices.

The reason why love fades and bitterness crops in is because priorities begin to change. I am not saying that it only happens in love marriage.

It’s all too likely you’ll tie the knot with someone who has eating habits drastically different than your own. From going meatless to eating meat at every meal, carb-less or just cravings with vegetables or reaching for a bag of chips, our eating habits vastly differ from person to person—and that can create marital conflict for which you may not be prepared.

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Your first line of defense is to be aware of your food differences from the start. “When we start dating someone new, we generally aren’t concerned about what their food preferences are,”  “But as time goes on, what seemed like not a big deal at first really get into a real issue.” So before you say “I do,” tell your partner what your priorities are when it comes to food.  “Food is more than just nourishment for people. It is linked to how they were raised, their beliefs, their family, and more.

Understanding what your differences are, and why your partner eats a certain way, can help you to each be more accepting.

Image credits: Jayesh Jalodara on Unsplash 

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