15 Dynamic Sister Duos Who Have Carved Their Own Niche As Entrepreneurs

Sisters can make great business partners as these dynamic duos prove - entrepreneur duos who have carved their niche in the industry.

Sisters can make great business partners as these dynamic duos prove – entrepreneur duos who have carved their niche in the industry.

‘Sister’ one word with several emotions. Sisters can be our best friends as well as our partners in crime. Our sisters are our biggest cheerleaders. Who needs a super-hero when we have our sisters rescuing us?

While brother sister bonds are much spoken about and celebrated, the bond between two sisters can be even more unbreakable and unmatched. There is no doubt that sisters often make the best team.

When I look around, I get to see a number of success stories of sisters who decided to pursue their passion, and turned it into a business of their dreams.

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, here is a list of 15 sister duos from a variety of industries including fashion, food, and technology, who prove that when two sisters work together, amazing things can happen. Let’s celebrate sisterhood!

Theobroma Patisserie

Kainaz Messman Harchandrai and Tina Messman Wykes

Kainaz and Tina, two sisters, decided to open Theobroma Patisserie in Coloba, Mumbai, to pursue their baking aspirations, and thus started the tale of a multi-million-dollar cake enterprise.

Today the company has several branches across the country. The duo released a book titled Baking a Dream last year, which details the humble origins of their business and they share their highs and lows of their journey.

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Quirksmith Jewellery

Pragya Batra and Divya Batra

Firebrand women- sisters Divya Batra and Pragya Batra, launched hand crafted silver jewelry brand Quirksmith. They didn’t simply want to make jewelry for the sake of it; instead they wanted every piece of the jewelry to resonate with women’s individuality.

Since the sisters shared loving and compassionate bond with one other, they always wanted to pursue something together. That is when they decided to start Quirksmith, with Divya designing the jewellery and Pragya handling the marketing. Today their brand has inspired several women to express themselves.

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Minus 30

Gayatri Rattha and Shivanie Mirchandani

Sister duo Gayatri Ratta and Shivanie Mirchandani dreamt of launching vegan ice-cream business so they ventured in 2016 to launch Minus 30. They started selling the ice-cream from their mother’s kitchen, and today they have their own brand and own store.

Initially Shivanie continued to work as a marketing manager to support their dream, while her sister Gayatri came up with new ice cream and sorbet flavours. The sister duo is a perfect example of how dreams can come true.

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Veera Health

Shobitha Narain and Shashwatha Narain

Shobitha Narain was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and she felt so miserable managing with the symptoms. Only after talking to her sister Shashwatha Narain she understood the greater effects of PCOS.

Amidst the pandemic, in the year 2020 the sisters launched a wellness start-up Veera Health in Mumbai. The sisters intended to make a difference in women’s lives by offering greater access to quality healthcare with scientific and innovative therapies through their wellness start-up.

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Theme Weavers Designs

Prerana Agarwal Saxena and Anushree Agarwal

Prerana had this lovely vision of starting a wedding planning business one day while on a trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. She envisioned many themes and colors, and there was this tiny voice in her head that urged her to establish a wedding planning firm.

After couple of encouraging conversation with her sister Anushree, they both decided to launch Theme Weavers Designs in the year 2008. Initially the sister duo started planning small birthdays and today it has since grown to become one of the top destination wedding planning firms.

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Rose Bazaar

Rhea Karuturi and Yeshoda Karuturi

Two talented sisters Rhea and Yeshoda came up with the idea of Hoovu flowers by Rose Bazaar and they creatively developed their family business amid India’s thriving startup environment.

The sisters established Rose Bazaar as a platform to supply a puja flower service by paying flower farmers the maximum possible prices without involving middlemen or brokers. Since they grew up in a farm, both of them understood the market, prices and how the floriculture industry functioned.

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India Hemp & Co

Shalini Bhattacharya and Jayanti Bhattacharya

When Shalini Bhattacharya was working in Spain, she began reading and researching on hemp plant. One day sisters Shalini and Jayanti sat down to discuss the benefits of the hemp as they grew up in a house surrounded by hemp plants and nature.

In the year 2019, the sisters founded India Hemp & Co, a start-up company that bring hemp products from the Himalayan foothills to the rest of the country. The duo believed in sustainable lifestyle and they sell their products to several cafes and restaurants.

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Aanchal Jaura and Aashna Shah

When Aanchal was pregnant and needed to buy maternity clothes, she realized that there were hardly any brands that sold them, and they were also expensive. So her sister came to her rescue by initiating the idea of launching a maternity clothes brand.

The sisters wanted to create a brand that valued and respected women and hence the duo started Chicmomz which offers comfortable, maternity clothes. The name of the brand is also dedicated to moms.

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Sujata Biswas and Taniya Biswas

Sujata and Taniya Biswas came across the art of weaving while visiting their native village in West Bengal, but they were disturbed by the conditions in which the craftsmen were living. That was the point when two sisters decided to contribute to the Indian handloom sector, by sourcing directly from the craftsmen.

SuTa was launched in the year 2016, and it was the result of two sister’s love affair with sarees. The name SuTa, which means thread and it is also a portmanteau of their names – Su(jata) and Ta(niya) as they believed that the name was the best way to describe their brand and bond.

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What’s Up Sister?

Kritika Khurana and Deeksha Khurana

The Khurana sisters Kritika and Deeksha have won our hearts with their distinct style and they have carved out their own niche in fashion blogging. Recently in the month of February, Khurana sisters launched their own podcast channel, What’s Up Sister?

This podcast has been streaming on Spotify and it is all about these two sisters discussing about fashion, job, lifestyle, relationships, and various other topics. In the recent episode, both the sisters were discussing about the importance of body positivity.

Deeksha has also launched her own apparel line- ‘Dee clothing’ and Kritika has also been very supportive of that. They do give us some serious sister goals.

Find them on Instagram Kritika Khurana here and Deeksha Khurana here.

Yoga Bar

Suhasini Sampath and Anindita Sampat

During their stay in the United States, two sisters, Suhasini and Anindita, wanted to adapt to a better lifestyle, so they launched Yoga Bar in 2014, a firm that focuses on providing healthy snacks.

The sisters discovered that India’s energy bar business was limited and sometimes unhealthy and so they decided to partner up with several retail chains to provide healthier snacks.

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The Sound Space

Kamakshi Khurana and Vishala Khurana

Sisters Kamakshi and Vishala are working together to ensure the well-being of adults and children through sound and music therapy. Their combined knowledge of music and psychology lead to the start-up The Sound Space.

It was launched in Mumbai in the year 2010, at a time when the notion of music as therapy was still relatively new. They had their fair share of difficulties as well, since they had to deal with unfriendly environments as two unmarried females.

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Meesha Scarf

Meesha Khanna and Trisha Khanna

Sisters Meesha and Trisha were certain that they wanted to produce a product that made use of India’s rich textile resources and they wanted to present it in a modern way that appealed to worldwide audience.

Sisters wanted to create a brand began that represented their shared experiences, their love for colors and untold stories. So they decided to launch Meesha Scarf in the year 2011, where they produce beautiful scarves that evoke the sentiments of this Indo-French love affair.

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Enerjuvate Café

Darshana Nahata and Sunayana Hiran

Cousins Darshana and Sunayana wanted to get rid of eating processed food and they wanted to build a café as well as studio, so they came up with the plan to launch Enerjuvate café in Bangalore.

The sisters came up with the name ‘Enerjuvate,’ which is a combination of the words‘energy’ and ‘rejuvenate,’ as they offer a range of baked and nutritious foods, as well as a creative space to support an energetic environment.

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Divinite Chocolates

Prachi Shah and Sneh Bhansali 

Around 11 years ago sisters Prachi and Sneh decided to combine business and chocolates to launch Divinite Chocolates. The duo worked together produce of handcrafted chocolates.

The sisters not only wanted to produce delicious products but they also believed in women empowerment. So they work closely with NGO’s where under privelleged women are taught and assigned to work with Divinite Chocolates.

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Image source: a still from the film Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

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