Why Reena Dutta Gifting A Sex Education Book To Ira Khan Is Good Parenting!

Ira Khan, Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta's daughter, shared an Instagram post remembering when her mom gifted her a sex education book. 

Ira Khan, Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta’s daughter, shared an Instagram post remembering when her mom gifted her a sex education book.

Ira Khan is known to share a loving and open relationship with mother Reena Dutta. She often shares how she can talk to her mother about everything.

Children and adolescents are less likely to be vulnerable to misleading information if they see sexual behavior as natural and a part of the human process. Parents initiating such conversations at an early age can help  reduce incidences of sexual assault and teen pregnancy.

Sex education is more than sex and intimacy; also covers women’s health and consent

Sex education not only entails discussions on sex and intimacy, it also covers women’s healthcare, sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptive methods, consent, sexual orientation, gender equality, and self-worth.

Sadly, sex is a taboo subject in India. Parents shy away from discussing sex education with their children. Sexual activity is often considered embarrassing to discuss with children. Even conveying one’s sexuality and sexual orientation is judged. 

This frequently results in teenagers repressing their desires. For instance, it does not allow girls to voice their concerns about menstruation and contraception. 

Extreme repression could even result in disastrous consequences not only for the individual but also for society at large. In India, for example, insufficient knowledge and taboo on sex education poses a risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

India should introduce sex-education in schools!

When moving from childhood to adolescence, children often rush to platforms like pornography and social media to fuel their curiosity because  parents are unwilling to talk about sex. 

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Hence, there is a valid point in beginning sex education at an early age, even in primary school. Parents should encourage schools to take this up. A subject as delicate as sex education should be presented with care and at the right timing.

Apart from teaching kids things like good touch- bad touch and consent, it can also be a great way to normalize and foster a positive attitude towards sex discussions. 

The Netherlands model…

A curriculum-based module for sexuality, such as that initiated in 2018 by UNESCO would enable adolescents to develop a better understanding of the changes that their body undergoes through different life stages.

It could also teach the young boys and young girls the importance of approval and acknowledging each other’s space and privacy. 

The Netherlands could indeed serve as a model for an effective sex education system. It’s a system where parents tutor kids as young as four years on  human sexuality through contextualized and age-appropriate content.

As a consequence, the Netherlands is among the countries that are least associated with adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Indian parents must start taking this trajectory and adopt a more open approach to sex education. 

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