10 Things You Can Gift Your Mom As You Gear Up For Mother’s Day!

As Mother's Day looms closer, I am sure all of you are wondering what to get your mom. But fret not, for I have the solution right here!

As Mother’s Day looms closer, I am sure all of you are wondering what to get your mom. But fret not, for I have the solution right here!

The clock is ticking. Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you have just the time to reciprocate the love she fed you all these years in a special way.

Mother – the embodiment of love, passion and sacrifice, comes in many forms of inspiration. It could be your own mom or someone you look up to, the simple thought behind celebrating this day would be to express love to your mom. On this day, why not honour all these women in our lives who aren’t always biologically related to us, but are also united at heart?

Moms, like their love, come in different forms. We’ve got the feisty moms, the stubborn moms, the over-protective moms, the smother you with love moms, the proud moms and mom who micro-manages. Well, there are various other types of moms too!

I have some gifts you can give mom this Mother’s Day!

A phone call or a video call, a greeting card, a tight hug and a kiss would definitely be in order this Mother’s Day. If they aren’t you better be ready with them. However, what would be the ultimate ticket to her heart?

The ticket to your mom’s heart would definitely be a heartfelt thanks and a thoughtful gift. This Mother’s Day, don’t underestimate or undermine her quirky site, in fact, try to explore it! In this digital world, your mom too has been observing the trends and what the world has to offer her.

If you agree that your mom deserves the best gift, let me help you figure it out. Just doing my part to make moms feel special on their special day!

Here are those 10 thoughtful kinds of stuff you would want to gift your Mother.

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Disclaimer: You might get to watch her blush if this practice is all new to her.

The mom who’s driven by passion!

Remember when she helped you recognise your inner talent? Well, it is time to give back to her! If she’s a baker, a gardener or a self-taught interior designer, help her tap into her passion and watch her excitement grow.

For the moms who used to love dancing or singing, why not register them for classes of the same? Who knows you’d find mommy’s hidden talents! If she loves to write, ask her to write down stories she told you as a kid! Or if she’s interested in art, be a model for her! The possibilities are endless for a passionate mommy!

The mom who’s practically your twin!

Whenever your friends meet the two of you, they call her your twin, don’t they? And while it bothers you, you are secretly very proud of it!

So for a mom who’s just like you, give her some fashion tips and while you’re at it, why not change her wardrobe? Surprise her with the sling bag or handmade jewellery you know she would rock

Or go spend a day at the salon, getting your nails and hair done. Just end the day with a note that says, ‘Hey Twin! Happy Mother’s Day!’ Trust me, that would be the cherry on top!

The mommy who’s all business!

She has either sacrificed her career for you and took a break until you could make a difference between the good and bad. Or she’s the mommy who juggled with the tantrums you threw every day she came back from a tiring day at work.

This would be your chance to thank her for that. A gift-hamper to enjoy some me-time. You could send her to a day of spa treatments and get all the pampering done. Follow this up with a nice homecooked meal you know she’ll enjoy and you’re all set! (But make sure that all COVID-19 precautions are taken at the spas!)

Your mom will definitely be grateful!

The eco-friendly mommy

For years, she may have been replacing plastic covers with jute ones. But do you know what she needs to make her even more eco-friendly? How about upgrading her wardrobe a little?

Gift her handmade and eco-friendly fashion items, household essentials or some plants. She will love it, for sure! Or you can even find some thrifted items to reduce her use of fast fashion!

And that my friend, would make her look into your eyes and say, ‘My child, finally, saw something beyond usual gift items.’

Dr Home Décor

Every time you visit a home during holidays, you are subjected to wondering how things are not the same since the last time you came. Well, all thanks to Dr Home Décor. She is truly bitten by design and style.

What could possibly please her? Quirky decors that speak the language of a minimalist that fills the air with a special vibe from the living room to the outdoor garden. Why not show her your favourite minimalist designs and see what she feels about them?

Pet mommy!

Does mom treat the pet just like she treats you – with the same love and care? She can’t seem to get enough of snuggling and cuddling with her pet all day, can she?

The best way to win her heart this Mother’s Day is to pamper her and her pet! Gift her some pet accessories and see her put them on the pet immediately. She is going to love them simply because you cared enough to understand her love.

The religious mommy

Whatever you do, start this day with a pooja! Take mom’s devotion to the next level with maybe intricately handcrafted idols and maybe some agarbattis you know she’d love.

Touch her heart with your devotion to her and her needs!

Mommy desk organiser

The roof comes down when even a single pen moves from her desk. Gift her that journal or desk accessories with a touch of uniqueness and probably the only one piece in world kind. You have made her day.

This Mother’s Day, make that phone call you had always promised. Give her that hug that she always looked forward to. Share that joke you wanted to tell her. And once the lockdown scenes are clear, make that trip happen you both had planned long back.

Give your mom the absolute best that she deserves!

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Veere Di Wedding

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